Lipgloss Worth Lusting Over

I'm picky when it comes to lipgloss. If I buy a lipgloss and it sucks - the bitch is going in the garbage can. I don't tolerate sticky and I don't tolerate weird smells. So obviously, when I come across a lipgloss that is damn near close to heaven in a tube - you best believe I'm going to share the love.

Now consider this a little sneak peek since this color isn't going to be available until a little bit later this month, but the lipgloss formula itself RULES. Hourglass has sent me stuff in the past, but this is by far my favorite. It's Extreme Sheen lipgloss (this specific color is called "Fortune") and it's available both via the Hourglass website and through Sephora (and Sephora online).. There are quite a few different colors available so browse browse browse!

Fortune is a super pretty pink/gold color and it's surprisingly pigmented for a lipgloss. You can see in the swatch that it gives you that pretty light pink color and the gloss aspect of it is more of a translucent gold. Really pretty and really summery. It smells like cookie dough (shout out to my Aunt Lain for figuring that out for me) and it's soooo smooth - absolutely no stickiness whatsoever. Another great aspect of the gloss itself is how it doesn't feel "heavy" (if you know what I mean). Some glosses feel like they weigh your freakin' lips down - this stuff is light as a feather. It's also water resistant, which I think makes it super unique. It's $28 but (as always) with Hourglass, you get an amazing quality product. You truly cannot go wrong with this stuff.

Let me know if you'll be trying it and if you've ever tried Hourglass in the past. Such a fun brand, and they make seriously kick-ass makeup :) Thanks for reading, dolls!