The 3 Deadly Sins of Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a great tool when it comes to enhancing your eyes. Let's clear that up before this post takes a turn for the worst. It's meant to enhance your eyes, not smother them. It's a great way to darken up your lash line, add definition, and make your eyes appear wider.

I am starting to think that states need to start making girls take a test in order to be allowed to wear eyeliner - because holy CRAP. I have seen some flippin' DISASTERS.

I understand that eyeliner is a hard one to master. I'll admit that when I first started wearing makeup, I avoided liner like the plague because of one bad experience. It's not exactly natural to place a pencil basically IN your eyeball - but like everything else, practice makes perfect. My issue here isn't with the girls who openly admit they suck at eyeliner, it's with the ones who think they are good at eyeliner and are actually the ones committing these beauty-related felonies. If you can't do eyeliner and you know you can't do eyeliner, baby - it's gonna be okay. Breathe. Right now, I'm going to show you right now the 3 things you need to avoid in order to maintain somewhat of a decent look going on in and around the eyes. As long as you steer clear of these masterpieces, you're gonna be fine just fine.

Sin Number 1 - The Cat Tail

There is a big.. and I mean BIG.. difference between doing a winged out edge and committing the sin I prefer to refer to as "the cat tail". The cat tail consists of simply drawing a line anywhere from a half an inch to an inch STRAIGHT outward from your lashline. It's not thick and it's not thin.. it's just - a stupid LINE. A "winged out" look is meant to give your eyes more shape and define them. You keep it close to your lashline and you just angle the liner up SLIGHTLY upwards. It's meant to look chic. I'm curious as to what the girls wearing this look think this does for them. The only shape it's creating is a random horizontal line poking out from the corner of your eyeball and the only thing it's defining is the fact that you might have no idea what you're doing with an eyeliner pencil. I also want to add that many a chick who commits this sin are also guilty of the disco on my browbone trend. A true match made in heaven if you ask me.

Sin Number 2 - The Close But No Cigar
This one is my personal favorite. Basically, the "close but no cigar" consists of a mysterious floating line positioned way too far above the lash line. I am 100% confident that this is due to the fear of stabbing yourself in the eye with the pencil - but I can promise you that the number of girls who have gone blind due to eyeliner stabs to the cornea is probably pretty low. In fact, it's probably 0. This does nothing flattering at all. ever. period. It's downright confusing. And the funny thing is, I see a lot of older girls do this (and by older I mean like 20's & 30's). It's just lazy to me. You couldn't have taken the additional 15 seconds to concentrate on what you were doing to make even a little tighter of a line? Was it worth it? Did you spend that extra time you saved by drawing a random line 1/4ths of the way up your eyelid doing something AWESOME???? Touching your eyelashes with the pencil is not going to make them spontaneously combust - that I can assure you of.

and finally -
Sin Number 3 - The Black Line of Death
I don't like hooker-esque eye makeup, ESPECIALLY eyeliner. Personally, I think a TON of eyeliner looks trashy and it actually makes your eyes look SMALLER, totally defeating it's purpose. The "black line of death" is probably the most common amongst those who think they are makeup gurus when in fact they're committing heinous felonies like this on a daily basis. A line.. actually, excuse me - CHUNK of jet black eyeliner that goes halfway up your eyelid is not okay. I see that you winged it out, nice touch - but you still look like an idiot. I'm not sure who put it into the heads of these divas that a lot of eyeliner is sexy (we can probably thank Jenna Jameson) - but I can assure you that it's a very dated look and it makes you look like you have creepy little raccoon eyes in pictures. Lay off.

I hope that some of you agree with me on these looks and for those of you who struggle with liner - I'll do a little tutorial soon that offers up some tips and tricks that might make it easier for you. Remember that you can touch your eyelashes with the pencil and that less is almost always more. Hang in there, bb's, & I'll talk to you soon!