Senna Cosmetics Review!

Hi Ladies!

As promised, this post will be about some of the products I received from Senna cosmetics over the weekend. I had never heard of Senna - so I was really excited whenever they asked if I would review some stuff for them. I'll post links to all of the products, and as always - if you ladies have any questions... you know you can always e-mail me at Enjoy the review & check out what Senna has to offer! They're fantastic :o)

The Lip Sync Duos pair a perfectly matched lipstick & lipgloss that come in 4 different shades. The ones I have pictured are "Stunning", "Paris Pink", & "A La Mode". I've found that I like wearing just the glosses themselves, too, since they're all fairly nude colors. A major bonus is that the gloss is not sticky at all. Probably one of the best lip glosses I've tried in a long time.

The sparkly & glossy Lip Lacquers  last an incredibly long time & I got the privilege to try out one of the shades from the Spring 2010 line (which is the pink one, called "Sunkiss"). The gold shade, "Star Bright", is currently available and is perfect if you want a sparkly, but neutral lip. These are both extremely versatile colors, so they'll definitely be in my daily line up. It's tough to find a gloss that really lasts and I can honestly say that I've made it through a good 2 hours at work without having to reapply. And that's sayin' somethin'.

Now if there's one product you MUST have from Senna - it's 100% their Liquid Ice Illuminating drops. This stuff is magic. It's basically a highlighter that can be mixed into anything (foundation, moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, etc...) to give your face that healthy, dewy glow all year round. I use this every single day now & like I said if you want to try them out - this is the route to go! The protective oil stick is another must have for this time of year. Think of it as like... Superman lip balm. It's extremely silky (not runny, oily, gross or anything) & is super hydrating. If you have extremely dry lips thank to the shit-tastically dry winter air - meet your new best friend. I put this on before bed now every night.

I have had a bitch of a time finding a good concealer & until Senna blessed me with their HD Hyra Cover Palette - I thought I'd have to just get used to the dark circles. Honestly - BEST CONCEALER ... EVER. As you can see by this pic - the little pup has gotten some use already & I couldn't be happier. With 3 different shades that accomodate me even when I have a tan - it'll be the best $38.00 you ever spend.
The little guy to the right is their Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer. It's a pretty thick formula, so you don't need much, and it has the consistency of almost a thick concealer - so it really acts as a true BASE for your makeup. If you're dark skinned, you may have some issues with this - but other than that - it certainly gets the job done.

Finally, we have their combonation powder/cream "Cheeky Blush" in Tigress & their "Eye Bling" in Topaz. Both products are a combo of a powder and cream, so they're a very smooth, unique consistency. I find that strictly cream products tend to be both too bold and pretty short lived, and powders seem to be too dull at times. This happy medium of product gives you a really "clean" looking finish and both offer a sparkle without looking like you just left Studio 54. Both are new for Fall colors and now that I see them side by side, they look fantastic together! Tigress is a warm coral, so it'll look great on any skin tone. And who doesn't
look good with a shimmery neutral tone on the eyes?? Survey Says - NOBODY!

So once again, big thank you to Senna for the amazing products! I hope that you guys will give them a try (like I said, if you want 2 great products to start with - go for the concealer palette & the liquid ice), as well as let me know your thoughts on everything :o) Hope you're all having a great week & I'll talk to you all soon!

p.s. 2 days until CHRISTMAS!!!