New Brushes & WTF are These?

So I got home today and WOOHOO! I had a little package waiting for me. I was hoping they would come today and they definitely did. I ordered some new makeup brushes off of eBay from Korea a few weeks ago and they ended up being super cute :o) They aren't a brand name or anything, but I got them as a nice set to take on the road with me since they came with a nice little roll up pouch. The pink tips were intriguing, too - you gotta admit they are totally cute. Plus, for $8 (that included shipping) .. I couldn't pass them up. I'm impressed at how soft they are. I think I'm going to replace my current blush brush with this one because it's so so soft. I love that. Check them out:

 Also, totally a dumb girl thing, but I love that they perfecly match the case. The pink hardware is great, too!

Now here is where I need the help of my followers. These are from Korea and all the girls I've ordered from over there are all adorably generous and always throw in bonus things. Typically it's stickers or hair clips or something along those lines.. this time - I got something that I have absolutely NO IDEA what they are. The only other person home to ask at the time I opened the box was my dad, and when I showed him - he just laughed (so obviously.. no help there).. Here they are:
Of course, nothing on the package is english - but to summarize.. they are basically 2 sheets of what seem to be the "rough" side of vel-cro.. about the size of a card & when I resorted to the back of the package to see what the hell they were used for - I found pictures of girls wearing them STUCK to their head awkwardly.. Is this some type of fashion craze we're missing out on here in the US or am I just completely lost?? Someone help? Please?