New Stuff Reviews

Well I didn't plan on posting anything today but a trip to wal-mart after work gave me some new things to share with you guys. My god, I seriously cannot go into a store that sells any type of make-up or beauty product and NOT walk out with something.. Speaking of not walking out with something, the entire point of my trip there was to buy more candy for my desk and when I got home I realized I had TWO bags, not one prepared for me at wal-mart. Too bad I only grabbed one of them :o( Oh well, at least it was the one with everything BUT the candy in it. Damn. That's $5 down the drain..

Anyways, Here's what I picked up::

1. ConAir Sponge Curlers - $9
2. TreSemme Anti-Frizz Secret Creme - $4
3. MaryKate&Ashley (don't laugh) Sparkle  Mascara - $3 (oonn saallee)
4. MaryKate&Ashley Blush Sheets - $3 (also oonn saallee)

1. I'm sitting here with the curlers in my hair right now and I'm hoping for good results in the morning. If not, I'll be going to work with my hair in a messy bun. It's been ages since I've used sponge curlers and I saw some girl who said she used them to achieve her super-cute look while perusing blogger before, so it inspired me. I'll let you know how it goes. 48 curlers for $9 isn't bad at all, though. I'm sure I'll find uses for them.

 2. TreSemme is one of my favorite inexpensive hair brands and I'm always looking for ways to tackle my stupid frizzyness. This is creme that you apply to damp, towel dried hair. I put it on before I put the curlers in, so hopefully it'll cut down on my hair looking anything like an afro tomorrow. I'll let you know how it works once I've used it a few times and get a good feel for it.

3. Do not ask me why I bought this mascara because we all know that the glittery mascaras DO NOT WORK, but it looked cute and I figured I'd try it out since it was on clearance (I think wal-mart is ridding themselves on MK&A.. all of their stuff was marked down). It did come with a free eyeliner and when i put the silver on, surprisingly enough it worked better than other glittery mascaras in the past have. It'll probably sit in my makeup drawer but, oh well - if I ever want a little sparkle I'll have it.

4. Now this last one was the one I bought on a total whim and you know what, I seriously LOVE them. Wal-mart had a ton of them (probably because everyone is like what the hell is a blush sheet?) and I had to get a pack out of total curiousity. When I took them out, I found out they're little sheets of a tissue-papery like paper that are coated with a shimmery blush. You rub them on your cheeks for some color in a pinch. Here's what they look like:

When I rubbed it on my face, I wasn't expecting too much since it didn't rub off too easily on  my fingers when I pulled it out of the package. But you know what, I was pleasantly surprised and have decided to make these a permenant staple to my purse! They give my cheeks a nice, natural rosy color and a little bit of shimmer, too. And seriously, MaryKate & Ashley - I did not expect this from you and I thank you for this glorious little product! Here's a pic of my cheek after I put it on:

Not Bad!

Like I said, I got all of this at wal-mart and if yours is anything like mine, they've marked down these little blush sheets to just $3 for a pack. There's a ton of them in there, too - so they're definitely going to last you! Hope you guys enjoyed.. let me know what you think & stay tuned for my newest giveaway/review! Can't wait for you guys to see it - I know you're going to love it!