Makeup Schmakeup

Packages waiting for me at my doorstep, 2 days a row.. seriously?! I am expecting to go home today and have my E.L.F. order be staring at me in the face and have a mild coniption from all of the excitement that's been delivered to me this week.

I got my AVON order yesterday and that inspired me to organize all of my makeup which was refreshing. Regardless of the fact that I got home from BF's house at like 11:30 and didn't start the process until 12, I feel like it's a mission complete. You can only take playing JENGA with eyeshadows for so long until you crack. Anyways, here's 2 of the things I got that I really really like:

"Dramatic Focus Kohl Eyeliner" (on sale - $2.49): not gonna lie, when i saw this .. I was p.o.'ed. It is roughly the size of a toothpick but I am happy to report that despite it's pathetic size - I really like it. It's good for doing the whole "winged out" thing & let's face it - the packaging is pretty cool. I'm a sucker for that. The super pointy tip is really "durable", so unlike a lot of eyeliners, it doesn't dull quickly. Bonus.

"Hydra Cool Brozing Stick" (on sale - $2.25): okay seriously, I put this on today and fell in love. It's called Hydra Cool, and the crap actual feels cool when you put it on - I was surprised! The color is perfect, I'm fair skinned and it gave me a nice golden blushy tone and if you're darker, it'll give you a beautious glow. For $2.25 I might buy like 5 more of these because they're amazing. It's rare I find something that I like as much as this. THANK YOU sweet lords of AVON.

And for less than $3 each.. c'mon. It doesn't get much better than that. I always take advantage when AVON has free shipping deals because I despise paying like $6 for them to send me a box full of bubble wrap with 4 littttllee tinnyyy eyeshadows or something in it. RIPOFF, I SAY!

On another note - are anyone elses allergies going ballistic right now? I thought this was the time of year they finally settled themselves the eff down and stopped ruining my mornings. Waking up with a stuffy nose is probably one of the worst things ever - only being outdone by waking up in the middle of the night with one & then not being able to fall back asleep. I love that :o not.

Also - the item for my giveaway is due to ship on Thursday so I'm shooting for Monday to get the ball rolling! You should all be very excited! I'm telling you! I would never disappoint you :)


p.s. like the new layout?!