I <3 Mail & a Little Foreshadowing

Yesterday I got my necklaces in the mail from Korea that I'd been waiting for forever! I love ordering stuff from them on eBay cuz it's typically much less expensive but it takes forever to get over here. Lookie what finally arrived:

Please disregard my camera shadow haha :-X

But YES! They're so cute and way bigger than I thought they'd be. The HK head is a good inch and a half wide. Hard to tell that kind of stuff from eBay, especially if there aren't specific dimensions listed. But hell, for the price I got these for - I wouldn't have cared if they were small or not. They're both on long chains, too - which is nice since I've had a thing for longer necklaces lately. Either way, seeing those little yellow padded envelopes sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for me is such a great feeling :o) I ordered a bunch of makeup brushes from over there the other day, so now I get to wait for those to show up along with my AVON & E.L.F. orders. My superficial ways are slowly but surely dissolving my bank account, but I don't hate it. Saves me from spending all my money on food.. right?

I'm going to lunch with one of my 2 best friends today whom I haven't seen in awhile. She's a manager at our mall's Abercrombie & Fitch so her shitty mall hours schedule is screwing up her social life. I understand cuz I dealt with it at the Dairy Queen for way too long. It'll be nice to see her, lets just hope Panera is a little less insane than usual. I'm hoping it will be since it seems every time I go there, it's a bunch of highschool kids and well.. schools back in suckers! Hit the books, not the bread store. Give me my lunch break back.

ALSO - spoiler alert .. I've been in translation with an awesome jewelery designer/maker and I'm going to have a super cute and amazing giveaway coming up. Hopefully within the next week. Just waiting to complete the transaction & get the goodies in the mail.. Are you excited? Cuz I am.