It May be Unnecessary - But I Love It..

Good morning everybody. Hope everyone made it past the mid-week point without wanting to rip their hair out and/or murder a co-worker. I'm happy to say that I've had a surprisingly good week thus far and since I'm off tomorrow, I can't complain about a damn thing.

Boyfriend leaves for college this weekend. This will be the first year I won't be in school while he still is. Kind of weird, but I like making money (and he likes the benefits that come from me making money) so I'm happy with where I am right now. It'll be nice to be able to go up there & see him on the weekends & he comes home a lot - so unlike most girlfriends who are crying and damning their boyfriend's colleges to hell.. I'm kind of excited. He rooms with 2 of his best friends who also happen to be some of my good friends so it's a good time for all of us. Plus it gives me an excuse to work out during the week :P and who doesn't need one of those? Nice to be in a stable relationship and not have to worry.

In other news, my workplace is like a crime scene this morning - HIGHLY exciting. Someone SOMEHOW stole one of the DESKTOP computers out of our business center. If you're unfamiliar, I work at an apartment community - and we have a little business center in our clubhouse with computers, fax machines, copiers, etc... Well we come in today to discover one of the two computers is missing and since there are no cameras - nobody has any idea where it went. And the only reason we really noticed (because we have no need to really go in there ever) is because a resident who always uses the missing computer asked me where it went. I thought nothing of it since the computer was on the fritz and would overheat and shut off randomly, so I thought our manager had it sent out for repairs.. not the case. Can't tell you it's not an exciting situation because it is. I feel like I'm playing Clue.

Finally, I caved and bought the "master set" from E.L.F. yesterday. I had a discount code so I used that to my advantage. Can't wait to get it. 180+ pieces of pure bliss :)

yee haw! that's gonna be one big box!! :)

Have a good day everyone!