A Little Foundation Secret for Summer!

Since it's been so hot out.. Actually - let me rephrase that. Since it's been so UNBEARABLY SWELTERING outside for the past .. oh .. month a half - I haven't been wearing too much of anything on my face in terms of foundation. Typically, I'm very loyal to the illuminare liquid mineral foundations. They cover great and match my skin tone really nicely. But let's be honest - wearing full coverage, liquid foundation when it's pushing 95 degrees outside with extremely high humidty levels is no walk in the park. You need something lightweight.

So what I've been using has been a combonation of a few items, but the main idea here in the coverage technique I've been using. I've been combining Rain's Dual Mineral Foundation with Clean and Clear's Morning Glow moisturizer and it's absolutely PERFECT for not only hydrating my face, but providing that light coverage without the thick, gloopy feeling of liquid foundation.

Rain's foundation run's $32 and the moisturizer retails for about $5 at most drug stores. Basically, you just need to put a little bit of the lotion on the back of your hand, dip your sponge into it, swipe it into your foundation (this foundation works both wet and dry, so it's a good one for this job), and then apply it to your face. You don't need to go all crazy here, though. I usually apply mine where I'm prone to redness, like my nose, chin, and forehead. The matte quality of the powder will help reduce shiny-ness and the lightweight coverage provides just enough to give your skin an even tone without looking or feeling cake-y. The great thing about the morning glow is that it has a very very subtle pearlescent quality to it that gives your skin a natural looking, healthy glow. It's really a great combonation for summer. The sun can definitely dry out your skin, so this little trick will not only keep your skin hydrated and healthy - it'll allow you get the look you want without feeling like your face is melting off the second you step outside.

Aside from that, I usually hit my under eye circles with some Erase Paste ($26 by benefit) and touch up any pesky blemishes with benefit's industrial strength concealer "Boi-ing" ($18). You can even go eyemakeupless and still achieve an even skin tone by simply applying some eyelid primer to your naked lids. Eyelids can tend to look red and discolored (especially if you suffer from allergies) - so choose a skin toned primer like Senna's Totally Transforming Eye Primer ($22). You can go for some bronzer for definition but if you're doing this little trick right, your skin should still show it's naturally tanned glow!

I hope you all are staying cool in this hot hot heat!