Brush Love Brushes Review

I had some of you ladies asking me about good hairbrushes to use & quite honestly, I wasn't too experienced in that department. I have my faithful brush that I've been using since highschool & well.. telling you guys about that would do you a whole lot of nothing - so I got in contact with Thiago of the wonderful website & he offered to send me out a few products to try.

Now for your reference while reading this review - I have hair thats more on the thin side, but it's not exactly stringy either. The texture is slightly wavy naturally, but when I blowdry it - it's poofy - so I do have to straighten on the daily. Thiago did ask me my hair type before sending these out - so if you have a similar hair type to mine - these are gonna be great for you. If not, has a HUGE selection - so you'll be sure to find something you like. These brushes are also available at Ulta - so if you don't like online shopping, you can stop in to your local Ulta & check out their selection.

These are the two brushes I had the opportunity to try:

Brushlab Pretty Pink Dual Mirror/Brush - $9.99

The thing I liked the most about this brush is how large it is without being unportable. Most brushes you see that have mirrors on them are teeny tiny and totally impractical. Brushlab's is honestly the perfect size. You could definitely take this on a vacation or even throw it in your purse & have a good, quality brush with you. It feels durable, too. I know I've used some brushes like this in the past that the bristles move and bend really easily and you're afraid you're going to find one of them in your hair later in the day. Not the case with this one. It's also non-static inducing which can be a major concern with these style brushes and if you're anything like me - static is your worst enemy :) Plus it's pink - get serious. I'd absolutely recommend this if you're looking for a great everyday brush.

Brushlab Pure Ceramic Large Brush - $10.98 
(also available in Medium & Jumbo)

If you're like me - you need to create some type of volume with your hair so that when you straighten it, you don't look like a pinhead. I used this brush when I blowdryed today and the fact that the ceramic base makes it totally heat resistant makes it the perfect blowdrying companion. Good round brushes have been hard to find, for me at least. They're either too hard and hurt my head, too small and create the wrong volume, or they get tangled too easily. The bristles on this brush are sparatic enough that they won't tangle your hair, but there's enough of them to distribute your hair evenly on the brush for blowdryings sake. The rat tail tip also helps majorly if you need to create a part, cuz I know I hate having to put my regular brush down and dig for the teeny tiny rattail comb for that purpose alone. Anything that multi-tasks for me is a friend of mine.

If you've tried either of these - let me know, but if you're looking for some new brushes - I hope you'll consider either stopping by the website or seeking these out next time you're spending an entire paycheck in Ulta :) Thanks for reading, lovelies! Have a great week xo