Retail Resolutions

First of all let me say to all of you ladies that if you're anywhere near/in driving distance of Sandusky, Ohio... you MUST go to Kalahari! I would not have wanted to spend the first 3 days of my new year anywhere else! From the crab leg & prime rib buffet to the amazing water slides to the indoor/outdoor hot tub - that place is amazing! Plus I got to spend it with the best boyfriend in the world & the 3 best friends that anyonecouldhave (the hangover.. anyone? got me?):

p.s. wet boobs are sooooo 2010..
get with it. 

Okay so speaking of 2010 I'm making my resolution an extremely easy one to accomplish because let's face it - the tough ones don't work. Attempting to cram all of the new clothes I got for Christmas into my closet was quite a battle, so I decided that starting in January - I'm going to go on a spending strike every other month - mainly focusing on not buying any clothes or makeup. My makeup drawers are spilling over, my closet is ready to bust - it's a little crazy. I think we can all benefit from a little reverse retail therapy, especially with this suck-tastic economy. Plus who doesn't like seeing their bank account go up? I know I do.

I've never been a real big fan of the whole "new year new start" thing.. January 1st, to me, is just another day. But I've been wanting to cut back on the retail obsession for awhile now, and I figure that now is a great time. Are you guys making any spending changes in the new year?