Variety Is Totally The Spice of Makeup, Too..

So the fact I have cool, awesome friends is definitely a great thing. The fact that I have cool, awesome friends who are also willing to hook me up with the sweet makeup that they sell? Even better. My friend Natalie has been selling Mark. (a branch of the Avon brand for those of you who have been living under a rock) for awhile & she wanted to give me some stuff to try that she was liking. I used to buy EVERYTHING mark. and nothing but, but I have definitely branched out over the past year or so and have kind of forgotten about my beloved mark. It was nice to be reunited :o) Here are 2 of the things that she sent me that I am totally in love with and have been using on a daily basis.

Behold - the Flip For It Color Kit, my friends. This one in specific is called "Sydney", but they do have other palettes available (London & Southbeach). If you're looking for a grear fall/winter palette - this one is full of pretty warm colors that work on every skin tone. For $20 - you get 2 lipcolors, 2 lip glosses, 2 sparkly shadows (one dark, one highlight), and a blush color. This is fantastic to take on the go since the shadows & blush are on one side and the glosses are on the other. You literally flip the little center part around to get to each side. It's really compact, fits perfectly in your purse, and has everything you need to create a coordinated look. The mirror is really big, too! And I'm always a fan of that :o)

Next was this super duper cute lip gloss sampler... I'm not sure if this product itself is available (couldn't find it on the site), but you can definitely get the glosses separately. mark. has a line of glosses called "glow baby glow" and I absolutely love them. They're extremely sparkly, not too sticky, and they smell minty (not like shitty fake strawberries). They're long lasting, as well - which is hard to come by with lip glosses that aren't sticky. There are also two in here that are the "metalicious" kind of gloss - and they give your lips a super shiny, metallic look. I absolutely love the pink one (2nd from the right) called Opulance. Here are swatches of the two styles so you can get an idea of the difference:

"Glow Baby Glow" in "Melon Luxe" and "Metalicious" in "Opulance"
See how the glow baby glow is more see through,
& the metalicious is a bit more matte?
The great thing is is that the glosses themselves are only $5 each & if you buy two - you'll get a "hook up", allowing two glosses to be hooked up together.
Gotta love it :o)

So if you're looking to stock up - definitely check out mark. They always have great deals (right now it's free shipping on $25 or more) and around Christmas they have great gift bundles so be on the lookout for that. Click on the links to head to the mark. site and see what they have. I'm telling you - the Flip for It is a little slice of heaven!

Thanks, Nat! :o)