Ready to Head off to my Last Class!

Well you guys, today is my last full day in Kentucky & it's been an extremely looonnnggg week. My last day of class today (classes have been from 9am-5pm for the past 2 days) & I can't say I'll miss them too much! I am glad my company sent me, though... and I know I'm going to ace the test that I have to take online (with my book) when I get home. That'll make me a "leasing professional", which is great since I just got this job at the end of July! All I have to say is thank GOD for this laptop because I would have been so bored in my hotel room this whole time! And I also don't think I've ever had so many meals paid for in my entire life! It's been nice but maaannnn I am full! I am totally ready to get back to Pittsburgh bright and early tomorrow (my flight is at 7am... yeah.) !! I know I have a few things waiting for me to review/giveaway when I get back - so that just adds to my excitement.

I'll leave you all with this little preview of what I'll be looking like all day today in class:

Don't be Jealous!