Catching Up & Make Up!

Hey Lovelies! It has been such a crazy hectic week for me already and it's only flippin' Wednesday. I promised you guys I'd post something on like Monday & I'm just getting around to it now... yeesh. But hey - better than sitting around on my bum all week, right? RIGHT.

So as for this weekend, we all had a great time in West Virginia and I'm happy to say the $18 we spent to go to the penitentiary was well worth it. Wearing a PITT hoodie was not a good idea on my part (WVU & PITT are huge college football rivals for those of you unfamiliar), so I got put into a cell by myself and such. Made for a great time, though & we all made it back alive! Here's a picture of us all in the hillbilly hotel before we headed out for the evening. I hadn't put the hoodie on yet :o( :

I do love that zebra cardigan, though :o) 

Sooo when I came home on Sunday it was one of my good friends' homecoming dance, and I typically do her makeup for all her school dances so of course I was there for this once since she's a seeeenior this year. I ended up doing a few of her friends', too & everybody looked lovely. I got pictures of Kelli (sweet name, eh?) and Becky. Kelli is going to torment me for exploiting her face all over the internet but she looked fantastic so I have to:


First one is with flash, second one is without. I used all Jesse's Girl shadows! Mixed up the brown & gold palette with some of the eye dusts. I think it came out really pretty!


First one is with flash, second is without. I did the same with Becky and used all Jesse's girl shadows. As you can see, they blend really really nicely. Both girls wore fake lashes, too & they looked pretty pretty pretty :D If you guys want detailed tutorials let me know, but I wanted to post pics at least!

And not to leave Erin out.. here we are with Kell before she headed out the door to get pics taken (please excuse my "electrocution hair" - as Jim so lovingly calls it :D). Erin & Kelli are sisters.. would you ever guess it? haha, I love them both.

I'm going to miss doing makeup for them once they graduate and I don't have anybody else to make over for dances and such :o( Speaking of makeup in general - I got some knock-off MAC Hello Kitty lipsticks on a website called "Tradetang" & they came from China. The packaging is almost identical and the colors are really close, the only difference is that HK herself isn't "stamped" into the actual lipstick. I got 20 of them and there are some shades that I'm keeping and some that are duplicates. If you'd be interested in picking up a few - shoot me an email - or leave a comment with your email and I'll get back to you. I hate to have them sitting around and like I said, they're just like the real ones but obviously... CHEAPER! Here are pictures:

Lemme know!

Have a great rest of the week, dolls.