Speak Out for Free Stuff!

Okay, so as I wait for all of my stuff to get here for my giveaway -
I figured I'd post a little post for you regarding one of the websites I've been on lately.

I enjoy participating in market surveys .. letting companies know how I feel about their products and giving reviews on their advertisements and such. Makes me feel like I'm actually impacting a way brands go about reaching out to the general public. I joined a few survey sites and they were all kind of so-so, but then I came across one that I really truly loved! The site is called ZoomPanel & they e-mail you invites to take their surveys. Most of them take me 5-10 minutes to complete and if I qualify (which means I get to go through the entire survey since some are looking for specific age groups, etc...) - I'll get anywhere between 50 & 200 points for my account. I've been a member since, eh - Decemberish and I've already cashed in 4,000 points for 2 4GB Memory Cards (boyfriend wanted one after he saw mine!) & right now I've got another 980 built up! Prizes are fantastic and you can obviously gain points very quickly. They have everything from books, to jewelery, to tools, to donations to charities. Shipping is also 100% free and if you get up to the higher point levels, there really is some very cool stuff.

So if you're thinking about signing up, let me send you an e-mail through the site so I can get some referral points! Send me an e-mail ( kelspot@gmail.com ) and let me know your first & last name, as well as your e-mail address. I'll get back to everyone who e-mails me to let you know whether or not I've already gotten 4 people for my referral slots. If I've already filled them, go sign up on the site! You guys will love this site - I promise.