Office Tonight!

So for those of you who don't know, I am a huge huge huge fan of "The Office" on NBC & I am thrilled to say that it will be returning to NBC's fall line-up tonight with a whole new season (starts at 9EST if you're interested!). Me and my boyfriend have been addicted for quite some time, so obviously I'm dying to know what the whole deal with Pam's pregnancy is and to be quite honest - I am dying to have this back in my daily routine:

Jim face! I LIVE for the Jim face!

And really though, do I have to even say it? John Krasinski is probably my biggest tv star crush of all time... not including Johnathan Taylor Thomas back in 1997. You know you liked him, too - so don't even go there! I even swooned at his voice in the Lion King as young Simba. You forgot about that, didn't you? You're welcome.

So if you love The Office, too .. well then, I also love you. So let me know if you'll be watching and I'll leave you all with these two pieces of eye candy. One that your 11 year old self will probably appreciate a little more than your current self. Either way...
Is it sad that there's a (semi) shirtless pic of JTT & not John?

p.s. - giveaway is still on until Tuesday! Entah!