My foundation, concealer, & blusher are all from allurebyjen's etsy shop.
I am totally in love with etsy!
I just discovered so many great mineral makeup shops!
I got a sample pack from her for a dollar & I got so much stuff!
 Foundation, blush, & concealor samples!
Check her out if you're looking for a new line of products. Very reasonably priced!
And on my lips I'm wearing the damn Forever21 Gloss .. the color is pretty but texture grosses me out.
Guess you get what you pay for .. :oP

**edit - holy exclamation points, batman.. i'm not even going to change it because it's way too amusing to me to fix it at this point. it's like a caffeinated cheerleader speaking.. good lord**

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I am blown away at the response thus far..
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