Lush and Ulta Hauls

So lucky me, I had a day off work today and decided to head out and do some running around with one of best friends, Devney. Dev is really "I don't give a crap" when it comes to make-up, so I figured I'd take her with me and kind of open her eyes up to all the awesome things that are out there.. We went to Lush & Ulta and here's what I ended up coming home with:

First we went to Lush which is in the downtown Macy's here in Pittsburgh. Thank god I didn't wait to go down next week since the lovely G-20 Summit will be gracing our city. Anyways, I know one of the girls who works there (hi Mandy!) and she totally hooked it up. I got the Marilyn hair treatment which I've been reading up on (it was about $18.. the tub is pretty big) and it's specially formulated to make blonde hair softer and brighter.. so I'm excited to try it. I also had to get one of the amazing "bath bombs" while I was there because I've heard so much about them. Mandy did a demo for us that just about blew our minds, they fizz so much - it's amazing! And just after dipping our hands in the bowl, our skin was much softer. The one I got was "Sakura" ($6) and it smells like cherry blossoms which I love. Mandy also threw in samples of some moisturizers and the "daddy-o" shampoo which i've been itching to try, as well. I also got a sample of the "herbalism" cleanser which is supposed to be great for oily t-zones and such. I can't wait to try everything & you can all expect full reviews!

Secondly, we stopped at ULTA which I can never come out with just one freakin' thing. I've been on a quest to find a super duper matte light pink lipstick that isn't $22 freakin' dollars because I am absolutely not going to wear it everyday. I picked up Maybelline's "pink petal" but once I opened it and put it on - eh, it's way too dark. It was only $6 and I'm sure I'll wear it, but I'm still frustrated. All of the super light pinks I find are all frosted and I don't want to look like I'm an extra in Footloose. If anyone has any suggestions that aren't MAC, i would love to hear your suggestions.

I also picked up Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation (also $6) which I just used and wow, it is great. The texture is really runny which I wasn't expecting from a Matte foundation, but it covers amazingly. It's a great inexpensive foundation. I recommend.

Also - check out the sweetass Burt's Bee's set I got for $12!! Lotion which smells amazing, bath gel, their always wonderful lip balm, cuticle cream, a bar of their moisturizing soap, and that cute travel pouch. Usually BB's stuff is kind of expensive, but for $12, I was totally not passing that up. Overall, pretty good trip - I'm just frustrated about the lip color. I got a shade from E.L.F.'s mineral collection the other day that is wayyy darker in person than on the site - and it's like the exact color of my lips so it's completely pointless. UGH.

Enjoy your weekends! I'll be at work.. fantastic.