FOTD & LUSH Product Updates

Hey guys :o) So I'm off today and it's my dad's birthday so I just finished getting ready to go out and get some mexican food (and 5-10 margaritas, but who is counting?) with my family.. I'm pretty excited! Wanted to post the FOTD & I guess you could also consider it an OOTD since you can see my shirt.. haha, take it however you'd like:

The shirt was $22 from Rue21
I'm wearing so much crap on my face it'd take forever to list, but my eyes are the "drama" brightening eye color palette by E.L.F (I think it's like $3, you can't beat it) and my lips are E.L.F.'s mineral lipstick in "runway pink" ($5). I hated the color at first but I think it's my new favorite now... funny how that works, eh? AAAnd my foundation is "Stay Matte" by Rimmel ($6) - which is also my new favorite foundation EVER.

Anyhoo, I've been using some of the product samples from LUSH and I'm really loving them. The Daddy-o shampoo .. not gonna lie when I poured it out of the container I was a little scared to put it on my bleach blonde hair since it is seriously DARK DARK Purple, but I manned up and did it. It smells really "natural" and it did make my hair soft without conditioner which was nice. The herbalism face wash stuff that looks scary (it's like mold green colored and has the consistency of semi-dry play-doh) so I used it right in the shower like they reccomended. You moosh it up in your hand to make a paste and then use it on your face. It made my skin ridiculously soft, but I think I'll stick to using it once or twice a week since it has exfoliators in it and I don't want my face to start getting raw. I like it, though. Finally, the imperials moisturizer was the last sample I've had a chance to try. When you put it on and rub it in, it makes your face almost "squeaky" clean (like your hands start sticking almost? IDK, kinda hard to explain) - but it is nice since it seems to tone my skin up. I might have to invest in some of this because it's not too harsh with the hydration, but it doesn't dry my skin out either. Happy medium. If you're interested in any of these products - LUSH's website can be found: here!

See what I mean about herbalism and daddy-o? Frightening.. but worth it.

I'm going to be picking a winner tomorrow.. good luck lovely ladies xoxo


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