I've Been Tagged!

I've been seeing this tag around & it looks like it's finally my turn to participate in the fun :o) Caz, of ThisIsCaz has tagged me and I'm pretty excited to share the ten random facts that come standard with receiving this tag.. So here we go:

1. I have a chihuahua named Cleo & she likes about 10 people in the entire world. I love her, but when you're trying to convince people to like her while she violently barks non-stop at them... not exactly easy.

2. I can lick my elbow. Don't believe what they say when you hear it's "not humanly possible"

3. I hate chick flicks. I am about the most un-girly girl ever when it comes to my movie choices. My favorites are the Sandlot, Billy Madison, & Heavyweights.

4. For 21 years of my life, I was allergic to red dye #40.. finally - at age 22, I was able to have my first swedish fish, piece of licorice, etc... because I finally outgrew it!

5. In the 6th grade, I went for an open call audition for "Show Boat" & got the part. Had never auditioned for anything and suddenly I was performing 5 days a week with the Pittsburgh Broadway Series at the Benedum Center. The paycheck wasn't bad either ;o)

6. I was hit by a drunk driver last year a week after I got my new car. Thankfully, I walked (well, the ambulance took me) away with only 6 stitches to the forehead thanks to the airbag.

7. When my family went to Graceland (mom is the biggest Elvis fan ever), she took hundreds of pictures only to realize... there was no film in the camera. Begged my dad to take her back. Ohhh the days before digital..

8. I was the drum major of my highschool's marching band my senior year. This means I stood on top of the ladder thing and waved my arms around. And got to wear a metallic gold jacket. SEXY.

9. 90% of the time, the motivation that gets me up and out of bed in the morning is the fact that I get to do my makeup :o)

10. I have been obsessed (and that is an understatement) with the Backstreet Boys since 1998. In 2005, me and my best friend Erin flew to Chicago in a snowstorm to see them front row.. by the graces of god - we also got to meet them.

Alright so as the rules state - I now have to tag 10 people to do this .. if you've already done so, just feel free to ignore it.. but if you haven't been tagged yet - join in the fun! Thanks, Caz :o) I enjoyed this mucho!!