"That Kind of Thing Won't Happen to Me"

As you can see in previous posts, I am a big big fan of Kathy Van Zeeland. I love her bags and unlike Coach & Dooney&Bourke, I don't feel like I just got robbed after I buy one of her purses. Typically, I find them at TJ Maxx or Marshall's or something along those lines and I never pay over $50.. and her bags are really high quality so I consider this a steal. But as I was sitting on my couch fighting off the backs of my eyelids waiting for my friend to pick me up when something on the channel guide caught my eye and I switched over. Thinking nothing of it, I started watching and slowly but surely - I was becoming possessed.

I thought I was immune to this. After rolling my eyes at my mom & heckling all of her ridiculous purchases with my dad over the 22 years I've existed - I didn't think it would happen to me. I was better than this. I wasn't "Ethel" from "Pougkeepsie" who has it in "every color" and "bought 2 for her grandkids". That wasn't me. But this, this very screenshot, is what shattered my otherwise strong self-control:

Man Down. I got sucked in. I felt helpless watching it. I tried to convince myself that I didn't really want this purse, but then I glanced over to the table at my pathetic bag slouching there and I caved. And to make matters worse - IT'S ON EASY PAY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! These monsters at QVC really know what they're doing, I'll tell you that much.

To my credit, I did not call the QVC hotline they have plastered across the bottom of the screen, and unlike their warning - the "print" was not sold out (liars!). I went and ordered it through their website. I got the little bitch in the mail yesterday & I gotta say I'm pleased as punch. It's nice and compact and it has a built in wallet/organizer in the back that zips closed and it's less than a half an inch thick. The lining is pretty, too. When I had my Dooney&Bourke that shithead Sean bought me, I hated the random ass red lining. Especially since the description on the tag read "adorned with a beautiful complimentary light blue liner". Wrong. And also hideous. But Kathy has done me good. I like her. Good lady.

Sorry for how viciously off-center this is .. it was early.

You're gonna go to QVC.com now!

SUCKERS! xoxo :)