well that was quick..

Well I guess the place decided not to interview the remaining 7 people who had applied for the same position as me since they called me today (not Tuesday, like the said) to let me know they wanted me for the job!

Unemployed on Monday .. Best Job I've ever been offered on Friday.
How do you like that for turnaround?

I'm a leasing consultant now, so I basically sell apartments at this BEAUTIFUL complex in the Robinson area/Coraopolis section of Pittsburgh if you're familiar. I also get to help plan events for the residents and assist the business manager of the complex. I'm really excited since I'll be using my marketing degree AND I get to be creative.

Now I'm going to Cedar Point this weekend with my boyfriend. We're currently waiting "for a storm to pass over I-79" according to him. Whatever, lol. I'm hungry - that's all I know.

I hope you all have a great weekend!