Friend Makin' Monday & My Summer

Thanks to the lovely Amber of "ae filkins" .. I have decided to participate in this cute little idea of listing the top 10 moments of my summer. If you'd like to join in on the fun - click on the picture after you've posted yours & add your link to list:

Now I'm not sure where to consider my "summer's" starting point since I'm no longer in college and don't get to measure my year in semesters - but I'm going to give it a rough starting point of around April & go from there:

1. Mine & Jim's trip to Cedar Point. When you're a roller coaster queen, this is definitely the place to be. Loved the "Top Thrill Dragster" and was happy to go back and not have it be roughly 300 degrees like it was the last time me & my friends went there. I love Snoopy, too - and he's all over that place :D Plus going with Jim made it the best mini-vacation thus far.

2. Finally getting out of the F%^#*@ Dairy Queen. After doing way more than $8 an hour's worth of unappreciated work for 5 years, it was a breath of fresh air to finally free myself from the job I've had since the 12th grade.

3. Getting Laid off by the Casino. Strange that this temporarily traumatic moment ended up being one of the best moments of my summer. Now that I've heard the horror stories of the unpaid training, the muggings, the shitty security, and the all-around pathetic management - being one of the "overhired" turned out being the biggest blessing in disguise ever.

4. Finally getting my Big Girl job. After what felt like 34-37 years of searching for something to get me out of the Dairy Queen - it's very refreshing to finally have a job that both pays me good & that I enjoy. No thanks to you, Art Institute of Pittsburgh - I got this job on my own THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

5. Blink182 concert with Erin & Kelli. Every summer there has to be a concert that you get wasted at with your best friend in the sweltering sun.. this was definitely it this year. Last year was Rascall Flats & Taylor Swift, but I think Blink topped that one this year. Me and Erin always manage to have a good time & when you're seeing one of the best bands of the 90's back together again .. c'mon .. it's magical.

6. Fourth of July. I don't know what it was about this year.. maybe it was drinking with my family and friends, maybe it was watching my drunken aunt set off fireworks & run frantically from them, maybe it was watching my best friend's boyfriend almost puke after chugging a cranberry mike's hard lemonade because we couldn't take it to the park with us, maybe it was listening to MJ all night, or maybe it was the giant tree branch that fell in the backyard and somehow missed our house .. but this fourth of July was one of my favorite fourth's thus far.

7. Re-living HighSchool. It's insanely rare that I can convince people to watch my old home movies from highschool with me, but recently - my best friend Erin decided she wanted to (I didn't even have to bring it up!) .. it was so hilarious & fun to see how little our senses of humor have changed and how we still make the same exact comments now that we did then. So glad I took that thing everywhere with me.

8. Finally watching LOST. I had been putting this off FOREVER and since 2 of my best friends are avid fans, I felt like I had to start. Well I got addicted - heavily - and am so glad I decided to spend entire days on my front porch with my laptop catching up. Truly an amazing and crazy show & if you don't already - start watching it. I love shows that literally make my jaw DROP. Every episode is available on (WARNING - do not click unless you want to do nothing but sit on that website for the rest of the day!)

9. Laura & Rob's wedding. It's not everyday that you get to go to a wedding, let alone one with friends there, too. Now that I'm getting older, weddings are becoming more and more outrageous and hilarious. Watching Jim's Michael Jackson obsessed brother do the "moonwalk" (aka walking backwards with his head down) to Billie Jean was also one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.
and finally..

10. The Cup. When I was little, I remember sitting at the top of my stairs after being sent to bed in order to watch the Pens raise the cup. That was back in 1991. I hoped and prayed every year I'd get to see it again (hopefully from a closer angle this time) and this year I finally got my wish. It's amazing to be from this city and be one of the "greatest fans in hockey". It still gives me chills watching Fleury make that last diving save (I'm tearing up right now.. seriously, kell?) and watching those boys who worked so hard celebrate that win. This city truly is my favorite place on earth.

I hope you all had a good summer, too!
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