So I was at dance last night & I got a question that I get a lot:
"Kelli, what does your license plate mean?"

Yes, I am one of "those people" with a custom license plate but this is not entirely my fault. My mom & dad got it for me for my 20th birthday and it has on it a word that I made up and pride myself on making a staple amongst friends and family. My plate reads: HOTCHO. A word that can be found gracing shirts, track jackets, and other objects that I own - most of them gifts from friends.

I know what you're thinking, what the hell is a hotcho? I invite you to try and understand this as best you can, and I will provide you with some of the best examples ever so you can take this word with you and use it to your liking. It will (i can 100% guarantee you of this) pop into your head the next time you see one of these fiiine, fiiine specimen. They're everywhere. The world is crawling with hotchos, so here we go. Feel free to steal it, but when people ask - be sure you enlighten them and credit the drama queen with your new found stereotype.

A hotcho is someone who plain and simply thinks they are the shit. The clincher is that they are, in fact, not the shit at all. Whether they're driving like a hotcho, dancing like a hotcho, walking like a hotcho, or talking like a hotcho - they are determined that they are the sexiest, flyest, coolest, baddest bitch on the planet. As they are doing this, you are laughing to yourself. Or to your friends. Or to the guy next to you who you don't even know who is also laughing at this douche. Hotcho's tend to hang out with other hotchos, so they're not even aware of their hotcho-ness. And I have found, through vast research, that they are normally 99% of the time MEN. To increase your understanding, here are some visual aids:

Now, try to ignore the girl next to him, but this is the ultimate hotcho. He clearly thinks he looks really, really good. Not. So. Much. You know these dudes, you know how they act. They bust into the party with a water bottle full of Vladdy and Orange Juice and can't keep their damn shirt on. Also, nice shades, douchebag. You're inside.

Next is the more subtle hotcho. Although they don't roll into the party announcing they're going to bang every bitch in the place, you know they're thinking it. Although Howie D (I'm sorry, Howie. I am a diehard bsb fan but you are a hotcho, my friend) is no longer a hotcho, boyyyy did he used to be. Clearly, back in the day, Howie was NOT the heart throb of bsb... but this did NOT deter him from thinking he was the sexiest, baddest bitch in that group. Me and my friend just watched a concert clip from one of their concerts in 1999 and Howie comes out on stage and rubs roses all over his sweaty latin body and throws them to the girls. If that is not a hotcho move, I don't know what is.

So whether you just got cut off in traffic, are witnessing a terrible pick up line, or are laughing at some ridiculous get up the sales associate at Abercrombie & Fitch is wearing -- you have probably encountered a hotcho. Feel free to let me know about your hotcho experiences, and whether or not you plan on stealing this extremely applicable word.