Ruining Kelli's 1997 Christmas = Karma

Well I took a little four day break there to visit my lovely boyfriend at Slippery Rock this weekend. It's so nice to go up there, sleep in his bed while he's in class, have an awesome buffet of food daily, and just be able to bum around with him all day. He did, however, teach me to play ping pong this time I was up there. He has been obsessed with this otherwise forgotten sport for awhile, and him and his buddies play a lot. But MAN.. I had no idea how hot and tired I would get from playing him! It was ridiculous. Note to self: DO NOT wear long sleeves to play ping pong in.. haha.

Okay so the highlight of my day thus far has been the karma driven revenge that the afternoon news alerted me of. Let me give you a little background on this situation, we are now time traveling back to 1997 when I was in the 5th grade:


In the 5th grade, we had a secret santa amongst my class. Everyone had another member of the class and was responsible for buying them a $5 gift in honor of the holidays. I had another girl in my class and got her a little stocking filled with a cookies & cream Hershey bar (which was new and cutting edge at the time, TYVM) and a peace sign keychain (also very cool). When it came time to exchange gifts on the last day of school before break, I gave my girl her present and watched my best friend open her present before I even received mine. My BFF at the time, Lindsay, got this SWEET beanie baby turtle keychain and immediately named it and held it sacred. Just then, a boy in my class (Lonnie) comes over to me and hands me my "present".. Now, it was clearly a clothing box and keep in mind - I was four feet tall and roughly 60 pounds. I was not close with Lonnie, and he was one of those kids you could never tell whether or not they even knew you existed. I opened the box and what do I find? An XXXL (note the THREE x's) WOMEN'S SIZE SWEATER with multi colored LEAVES all over it. I was speechless. My friends got a good laugh out of this, but it did not phase Lonnie. So, while everyone else played with their keychains and ate their exclusive cutting edge chocolate, I sat at my desk with a sweater that could be tailored into a 3 piece suit for me, at the time.

So what do I see on the news today? Lonnie is wanted. They found a simple handgun, $2,000, weed, and (here's the clincher) - 50 BAGS OF HEROIN in his car. The car kills me though.. If you're going to carry all of this illegal shit around - don't drive a lime green Cadillac.

Oh, and also don't ruin Kelli's 1997 CHRISTMAS.. YA JERK!