Sorry, Charlie. I'd kind of rather die.

To any of you who are in the Face to Face sales field, you have all my respect.

I went on my 2nd "interview" today for the place that called me about 2 weeks ago. I went to the 1st interview, they told me it was a marketing job (cool, that's what my degree is in) and the lady seemed to like me. Told me that step 2 was shadowing a girl for a day to see what the job is all about. Fair enough. Did not tell me what that entailed.

So I show up today at 9:30am like instructed in my 4 inch stiletto pumps and business interview attire on. They give me ANOTHER goddamn questionnaire/survey/kind-of-resume form to fill out (I already did TWO of these in round 1 and one of them required me to answer quiz questions) and then me and the other 3 dudes there were told we were being paired up for the day. Just then I noticed on the bottom of the FORM that is said to "please clear your schedule until 6:30pm tonight". 9 hours.

My thoughts exactly, Jim.

First let me start by saying the girl I was paired with was really cool. Easy to talk to and all that, had no issues with her. I actually feel bad for her. I'm not 100% sure whether or not she liked working at this place (she told me she did.. but c'mon.. what's she supposed to say) but based on how our day went, I don't think she's tickled pink. Here is the whole basis of the business - they sell office supplies through another retailer called "Quill" Office Supplies. Quill has no retail locations so thats how they keep their prices lower than like Staple's and Office Max and Shit. WELL the clincher here is that all of these sales people are nothing but that - a sales person. They have no business cards, offices, or phone numbers. Unless you buy something from them right then and there, they have absolutely no chance in having you as a customer. They're sent all over the place, so they don't even have the opportunity to revisit places. So once they leave a business - they virtually don't exist. I heard so so so many times "Well my manager isn't here right now.. so can you leave a card or a catalog?" answer: "I actually don't have a card and you can't get a catalog unless you order something from me right now". Honestly, I know a lot of these poor 50 year old secretaries don't have the power to just order a case of paper from a random girl pressuring her for a sale - so I felt kind of bad for them, too. I have no idea how this company makes money. You can't even give these people catalogs or business cards and you sell PAPER?

And then, since the job is completely commissioned - she just keeps badgering them and badgering them until they wipe off their fake smile and get serious with a "we are NOT interested".

We went to 70 different businesses today (walked 2 strip malls in 4 inch stilettos.. I am still in pain. I think I looked like a bow legged deer towards the end because it was getting unbearable) and guess how many sales she made.. ONE! So.. for today, she made $20. And since they don't reimburse her for gas, looks like I know where that'll be going. She told me she was going to recommend me for the position. They're supposed to call me tomorrow at 9:30am. Sorry, Charlie. I'd kind of rather die.

I'm going to bed and hoping I can feel my legs in the A.M.