Global Warming, Eh?

Maybe you'd have an easier time convincing me if my street wasn't covered in 2 inches of ice underneath 4 inches of snow.. and it's only 2:30pm.

Anyways (I don't want to stir up any debates as to whether or not our ozone layer is, infact, depleting) -- had a nice time last night with Devney. We have been friends since we were 6 or 7 and since we live right down the street from one another, it's been hard to avoid one another ever since.. haha. You know what I realized last night though? Tequila always sounds way better than it is. Stop for a second and think of Tequila.. if you haven't had a downright terrible experience with it, you picture all these fun, Mexican themed things. Like chips and salsa and those little chile' pepper shaped lights and margaritas and sombreros and shit. But when you actually physically VIEW the bottle of tequila - you're suddenly on an express flight back from Mexico to the harsh memories of the last time you woke up in the middle of the night with a mouth so dry, you felt like you could chug one of those water cooler sized water bottles. Needless to say, I did not drink as much as I had originally planned on drinking.

Oh, excellent news, by the way. The Boys & Girls Club is paying me $600 per 6 week session I'm teaching! I'll do 2 sessions from now until May - so by the summer, they will be contributing $1,200 to my bank account. He asked me how much I "thought" I should get payed and I totally froze. Never taught those classes for cash in my life. Even when I taught at a studio, I was a student there - so my payment was free tuition (much to my mother's pleasure I'm sure, having a daughter who had dance class for 5 hours a day every day for 6 years probably would have taken a toll on her wallet). But when he nonchalantly said "how does $600 sound?", I probably looked similar to how I looked in 1995 when I opened my Sega GAME GEAR on Christmas Morning. For those of you who need a refresher:

Handheld gaming devices.. You've Come a Long Way, Baby.

In other news, interview tomorrow. It better stop snowing, seriously. I hate trekking downtown in 80 degrees and sunshine.. I do not need rain, sleet, snow, and ice along for the ride. I'm sure that taking the bus would be a good solution to worrying about driving (and more importantly, parking) down there - but I don't like to have my travel left in someone else's hands. There's nothing worse than when you're finally done with something downtown (work, school, a lame interview, i dont know - BABYSITTING for christs sake) and you think about going home and BAM your heart drops to your stomach. There is a big obstacle between you and your couch and it's name is the bus stop and it's filled with weirds. Needless to say, I'll be driving tomorrow if I don't look on TV and see "Kelli's Job Interview - CANCELLED" scroll across the bottom of the news.

My Oscar the Grouch slippers are calling me.