It's about time..

Look who's here..

I used to have one of these things when I was in high school, got too cool for them, and now I'm back. I feel like I almost need one to keep myself organized at this point. A lot of stuff is going on in my life right now, important and huge decisions are coming up, and I guess I just don't want anything fall through the cracks. It also helps that I love to write, and have considered being a writer. Add that to the list.

The job search right now is currently killing me. My outbox is completely filled to the brim with subject lines reading "Administrative Assistant". When places call me to tell me that they decided to go with internal hiring instead of finding an outside source, I don't even know who they are. I have sent out more goddamn e-mails over the past month and a half than I have sent out in my entire relationship with the internet. Even though I went to school for marketing, finding a job in that field right now seriously feels impossible. When I think of an advertising agency, I think of, like, 45 year old men and women in suits who have had the 5-7 years of professional experience that I lack. I am aware that this is probably a complete stereotype, but the job listing sections of their websites do them no justice. "Currently not seeking applicants, but feel free to submit your resume for future consideration"... AKA - thanks, but no thanks. Sometimes I wish I'd had gone to school for something else, but marketing is a good background to have (I think). I guess it can be applied to a multitude of things. I'm making excuses.

I miss my boyfriend a lot during the week (I guess I should give background to anyone who is reading this and doesn't know me).. My boyfriend's name is Jim and we have been dating for a little over a year. I am completely confident that he is the one for me, and he is my absolute best friend. He goes to school at Slippery Rock University, and it's about an hour away from me here in Pittsburgh. I see him every weekend, but during the week he's at school. Gives me time to spend 958043 hours on the internet searching for more freakin' jobs. When he's home, I rarely think about how frustrated I am with the search - and it's quite a nice mental vacation.

I have dance tonight, which is also great. I love to dance, have loved it all my life, and will continue to love it. Maybe I should have gone with my 4th grade aspirations to own my own dance studio.

So for now, I'll just let the distractions do their job and.. distract me. In the downtime, I'll be on and Pittsburgh Job Board and every other lame, repetitive, spam filled job posted site on the internet.

There's a lot more I'd like to say, but I'll save it for tomorrow.