Do Ya'll Have Like.. a Crunches Machine?

That was the first thing I heard when I entered the Downtown Athletic Club today for my interview. Hahaha, I would say that lightened the mood a little bit for me. This thugged out fella (we're talkin gold grill on his teeth and ALL) is inquiring to the poor little desk attendant whether or not they (in this case- "ya'll") had like.. a crunches machine. What does that even entail? Clearly, he is in the mood to look like Fifty.

No, not the age - the rapper.

Anyways, the interview went seriously good. Which is fantastic because my thoughts of doubt have been replaced with "I really want to work at this place!" Hopefully they don't get crushed "by the end of next week", which is when I was told the decision would be made. The only thing I feel like I'm lacking is the fact that I don't have a lot of experience closing corporate accounts. I sold $900 pairs of glasses to people when I worked at Eyetique, which is as close as it comes. But I think anyone who can convince anyone else to buy a pair of $900 glasses that look EXACTLY like the $50 ones at Lenscrafters has some type of selling credentials under her belt. WHATEV. Can't over analyze. Just hope for the best. I don't know if I should send a follow up email. Like thanking her or whatever (I'd word it a little better than that) for her time. Comments from the peanut gallery are welcome - I don't know, I guess it couldn't hurt.

I was so excited to use this one line from the Office when I called my boyfriend after my interview to tell him how it went, but I totally forgot it during my icy walk in stiletto pumps back to my car. Those of you who have watched the Office may appreciate it.. but I was going to say:

"I'll be the number one here in a week.. How? Name repetition, personality mirroring and never breaking off a handshake."

I did do the name repetition thing when I left though, and damn.. it felt good.

I'm going to teach dance here in a little bit. Older girls today, 11 and up. They're always the hit or miss bunch. You either get a group who is there to learn and like to dance, or you have the girls who are there because they're bored. The second type are ALWAYS the ones that attract the boys into the room, who I have to throw out because they have their camera phones out, ready to rock and roll. Not happenin, dude. It does not help that these girls are 14 and dress as though they're interviewing for a position at the Bunny Ranch (interviewing, the theme of today's lesson). Makes me mad because not only are they hooker-esque, they have the personality of .. say .. your coffee table. I'm aware that I'm 21 and might not have the same sense of humor as you, but it's okay to laugh every now and again. I feel like I'm teaching inmates sometimes.

Oh well, figured I'd let you know how the interview went. Let's hope for good things, eh?