5 Beach Vacation Must Haves!

Well kids, I'm packing up shop & heading to the shore with one of my best friends in the weeee hours of the morning on Thursday. We'll be driving down to Ocean City, MD for the long weekend & I couldn't be more pumped. I haven't been to the beach in a good 3 years - which is way overdue if you ask me. Sure, I went to Vegas 2 summers ago which was crazy, but nothing beats sitting in the sand soaking up the vitamin d. This is the part where we hope the weather doesn't suck.

Either way, I have come up with 5 must have products if you're planning on heading beach-bound this summer, as well. They're 5 easy things to throw in your bag & you can officially declare yourself a beach babe. Now let's remember, kids - just because I don't have the normal things in here like.. CLOTHES, sunscreen, underwear, etc.. does not mean you can forget about bringing them. If you go onto the beach in the nude with no sunscreen on - you will pay the price. And possibly do jail time.

From Left to Right:
Tigi's "Totally Beachin" Body & Waves Styling Mist, Mark's "Get a Tint", Milani Runway Eyes in "Beach Sand", MAC's "Snob", and finally Goody's "Spin Pins"

Totally Beachin is a styling mist by Tigi that is perfect for wet beach hair. I know that if I simply let my hair air dry after the pool, the results are anything but cute. This gets sprayed into damp locks for that texturized, tousled, and full beach hair look without all the frizz. Just spray it in and scrunch. It is a bit tough to find in stores, but you can get it here for $11.39. It's 82% organic, too .. so forget about weird chemicals in your hair. It also has a very beachy scent to it, which I'm a fan of.

Get a Tint is yet another awesome product from Mark. It's a tinted moisturizer that contains SPF15 and evens out your skin tone without the feeling of having a heavy foundation on. Tinted moisturizers are great for summer in general because they keep your skin hydrated and most of them offer sun protection, as well. I hate putting regular sunscreen on my face (feels like smearing chemicals across my nose), so this is a great alternative. If you've got an uneven skin tone, this is going to even out your complexion and keep you feeling confident while you catch rays. Lord knows it can sometimes be tough to go outside with no foundation on, even if you plan on swimming. This will have your back. Get it here for only $9.00!

Beach Sand is from Milani's Runway Eyes collection and is the perfect sparkly neutral for a day in the sun. I'm not much of a HARDCORE SWIMMER, so I still like to have some shimmer on my lids when I go to the pool or the beach. These shadows are crazy sparkly, but the glitter is extremely fine - so you won't look overdone. Light, Shimmery, Neutral colors on your eyes are not only great for enhancing the look of your tan, but they give you that clean, put together look without being over the top. Get it here for $5.99.

Snob is my favorite tan enhancing lipstick ever. This muted light pink color looks great on every skin tone and adds an instant *POP* to even the simplest makeup look. This is great for evenings out when you might not feel like putting much on your sliiightly sunburned face, but you still want to jazz it up a little bit. It's available on the MAC website for $14 and is also a great lippie to try if you've never owned one by MAC before! Such a cute, summery color.

and Finally Spin Pins are the absolute BEST for wild, summer hair. I know I absolutely HATE putting wet hair into a pont tail. It never ever looks cute and I don't know if it's just me but after doing so, I typically feel as though I just completed a weight lifting competition. My arms burn. These spin pins have been discussed by me before - but basically you twist your hair into a bun (low or high), twist these in, and everything stays in place. It's like voodoo magic. You can get them here for $5.99 & I promise you'll thank your lucky stars you did. Even with dry hair that you just want off your neck, these create such a cute little bun that takes 2 seconds to pull off.. Truly an unbeatable hairstyle solution.

Well folks, I'm ready to throw on my shades and catch some rays. Here's to hoping my SPF doesn't fail me.. Enjoy your week/weekends!