Shadow Shields To The FREAKIN Rescue

Let's play the frustrating makeup scenario game, my pretties!

Aaaaaand Scenario:

You're putting on your makeup and you decide you want to use a dark shadow. Shit, you might even combine some glitter with that dark shadow cuz you're feeling a little saucy. Either way, you're going for a dramatic look and even though you might be kind of excited at the possiblity of a drop-dead-sexable outcome - you can't help but think in the back of your head that some of this shit might spickle spackle speck onto your cheeks in the process of delicately dabbing it onto your eyelids. And let's face it - when you're dealing with dark shadow and the BITCH that is glitter -

those spickle spackle specks can make you want to drop kick your vanity.

You know what I'm talking about. It's happened to the best of us. Even the most skilled hand and the most quality shadow has caused fall out onto those perfectly primed cheeks. Well to those of you who have been driven to near insanity (like myself) because of this... You're gonna be pumped right now:

Shadow Shields! To The RESCUUEEEEE!!!

I had the priveledge of trying out shadow shields for myself, so trust that you guys will get the honest report from the ol' Kellster. If you couldn't guess from the aforementioned scenario - these little buggers go on right under your eyes to catch all of that fallout that can be caused from shadows, glitters, etc...

So clearly, I wouldn't recommend wearing these to prom or anything, but you basically remove the little adhesive strip on top of the pad and leave the bottom backing attached so that it creates almost a little shelf on your face. I won't lie - it did take me some adjusting to get it so that it wasn't giving me double vision - but the good thing about that is that the adhesive is really gentle so it's very easy to remove and reapply and it doesn't leave a red mark. If you do makeup for other people - these are definitely worth your while. When I used them, I just used one pad for both eyes since it was so easy to remove. Since you get 30 in a box for $10 - they'll last you a good while. I used a black Jesse's Girl Shadow and a Jesse's Girl glittery loose pigment and when I peeled my shadow shield off.. I found that it showed those spickle specks who was in freakin' charge:

Seriously! And they're sooo much easier than taping tissue to your face or trying to wipe the specks off because we all know that it's not that easy :P But really, it picked up quite a lot and I was very impressed!

Not only were my cheeks nice and spotless after I finished, they also help give you a nice clean edge on your dark shadows which was a big help. And it sure beats using tape to achieve that look.

So next time you catch yourself m-f'ing your dark shadows... take a seat, BREATHE, and click over to the shadow shields' website. Like I said - it's $9.99 for a box of 30 shields. If any of you have any questions, feel free to get ahold of me via email ( ). I'll definitely be using these both on myself & when I do makeup for other people. I think they're a great investment to any kit!

Enjoy, ladies! Let me know if you're picking some up ;)