Pretty in Pale

I've never been a bronzed beauty. Ever. Naturally tanned skin simply isn't in my dna. I was a pale little child and I'm a pale little adult. I've always been that blonde haired, blue eyed, pale chick & for awhile, I was just at terms with it. Well - minus the five months that I was the shitty auburn color haired, blue eyed, pale chick:


Regardless of hair color.. pale. I guess it was like college-ish where I started wanting to tan. My mom was always piiissseddd that I tanned, but for like a year or so I was pretty steady with it. Totally aware how terrible it is for you, by the way. Worse than aresenic actually (not even kidding). With tanning came bronzer - so I got into the swing of that. But we all know that tanning can get pretty expensive, so when I didn't exactly keep up with that, I kept having to buy new bronzers and new foundations and I struggled with finding new colors that actually matched my fading skin. Case & Point - I was over it. It's different when you just get some color in the summertime, but fake tanning tended to make my skin all shades of shit. Am I the only person who tends to get splotchy color skinned from the tanning bed?

I found out that I don't even love the fake bronze look anymore. It's nice to have a little glow in the summertime, but the fake baked/bronzed look in the winter just doesn't do it for me. Plus - I feel like the whole "porcelain skin" thing is kind of coming back in. Not that it was ever out - but ever since people like Victoria Beckham & Snooki showed us how shiteous orange skin can look... we're all second guessing the t-bed. So I've kicked my bronzer to the side for the winter and I'm gonna chill with my foundation, my ice drops from Senna, and my blush. Because seriously.. let's face it - nobody expects you to be tan when there's 6 inches of snow outside. Fact.

Embrace it, ladies.

and p.s.
to the two of you who messaged me (not you ashlee :P) saying that you're NATURALLY tan and you don't think there's a problem with that.. umm - neither do I? Pretty sure I stated here that I'm naturally pale and I think that naturally pale people shouldn't try and fry themselves to a crisp :o) Hence the term fake tanning. Fake. As in - not natural.