I <3 After Christmas Shopping!

I've never been a fan of shopping the day after Christmas, but around the 28th, 29th-ish... I start itchin'. And yesterday my friends, I scratched.

Me and my friend Julia went to the mall & then met our boyfriends for dinner last night, so it was a lovely time. Julia makes a good shopping partner and I think she's one of the only females I can actually go to the mall with and shop. We have similar taste, too - and that's always a bonus. Here's some things I picked up & can't freakin wait to wear:

Sequin Ankle Boots (F21) - $24.50 (amazinggg)

Cheetah Flannel PJ Shorts (F21) - $5.50 (Julia got a pair, too :P)

Eyelash Dress/Tunic (Wet Seal) - $21.50

Double Buckled Braided Belt (Charlotte Russe) - $8.50 (totally wearing this right now with that VS sweater dress I posted about haha)

I also bought something from Pac Sun for the first time since 8th grade haha! Can't find it online since it was on sale for $6, but it's a really cute zebra (clearly) henley. Originally it was like $22, so I was happy about that one. I think I'm going to wear the pink tunic for new years eve, too :o) Man.. I really don't want the holidays to end.

Hope you all had happy shopping this week & that you have your NYE outfits perfectly coordinated and ready to go :o) Let me know what you're wearing, lovelies!