Favorites of Christmas 2009

I'm in complete & total denial that Christmas is over. Words really cannot describe how much I love the Christmas season & it's downright depressing that it's already come & gone for the year. Still looking forward to New Years & all.. but still. This Christmas was fantastic. Totally one of those years where you don't even have to go shopping after it because you got everything you wanted. Instead of posting every little thing I got, I decided I would do a top 5. So here they are... my 5 favorite gifts of 2009:

Best Friend Erin really has no idea that she changed my life with this little number. I'm telling you guys, if you were one of the 5 people on earth that didn't get a Snuggie for Christmas - you're seriously missing out. Best thing that has ever happened to my sleeping habits ever. And it's zebra, so clearly I love it.

Boyfriend got me the best shoes in the whole entire world this year :) I wanted a pair of cute ankle boots so so so badly for the longest time & these are absolutely perfect. I know I'm going to wear them to death :D Love 'em so much.

It's not everyday your 14 year old cousin comes through with a pretty clutch gift - so I was extremely impressed. It's a silver necklace that's made up of a bunch of tiny interlocking hearts & I can totally see myself wearing this allll the time. I'm more of a silver than a gold person, so he made a good call on that end :) And it's definitely a step up from the car air fresheners he got me last year. Though I did use them and love them (lol).

I haven't had a good robe in.. god knows when.. so when boyfriend got me this little number (in hot pink, mind you) - I was beyond thrilled. It's not a long robe, which is all I've had in the past which is a pain in the butt to actually DO stuff in (i.e. laundry, clean, cook, etc...) - so this nice little short one is perfect to throw on and do what I need to do :) Not to mention that the hood is lined with heavenly soft fleece, so that's a mega-bonus. Looooooveeeeeee.

Mom tottttaaallly did good with the clothes this year (and even dad got me a couple shirts that I'm going to wear the crap out of!) - but I have to say my favorite is this blue sweater dress she got me from VS. It fits so nicely & now I need to get a brown belt to match the brown buttons on the sleeve. This is definitely going to be great for work, too - which I have to always consider now when buying clothes. Way to go mom, ya done good.

So there we have it - the favorites of 2009. Honorable mentions include my Fantasy perfume set from boyfriend, the tinkerbell blanket my aunt made me, and my zebra luggage set (yeeessss!!!).. I hope you all had as wonderful of a holiday as I did thanks to my phenomenally wonderful boyfriend & family. Boyfriend loved his presents so much & that's honestly what made this year extra special :) Making someone so happy is truly a feeling you can't describe.

Well ladies, don't get killed in any of the after-Christmas sales & have a great week ahead. Getting excited for New Years eve & I know you all are, too. Now go spend those gift cards ;)