Exposed Organics + CD Winners

So thanks to the wonderful world of twitter - I came to follow a wonderful mineral makeup company called "exposed organics". EO is totally vegan, so if you're a fan of natural products ... it doesn't get much better than this. They offered to send me some stuff to try out and let's just say that I will definitely be putting an order in with them soon. They're located in PA like me (represent!) and all of their stuff was definitely my style. She sent me a lip gloss, 4 eye dusts, and a container of their "nectar" (which is a powder eyeshadow transformer). Here are the swatches of the 4 shadows I received:

dreidel, paradise, frost, & mocha
(I love eye dusts that shimmer without being crazy glittery & these definitely do)

The great thing about the nectar that they sent me is that it not only lets you mix it with the eye dusts to create brighter, more vivid colors - but it lets you mix colors together to create a really smooth and even blend of the two. I mixed frost & paraside together to end up with a beautious goldish purple (I tried to take a picture but it just didn't do it justice). This is one of the best shadow transformers I have tried since you can actually squeeze it out. Many are an actual applicator attached to the lid of the product so it's a huge pain in the ass to clean everytime you want to mix colors or use a new color. This one can squirt right into your eye dust's lid and you're ready to go. I'd highly recommend this - especially since it's only $5.

Also, the lip gloss that they sent me is HANDS DOWN my new favorite. It's called "sugarplum" and it's a dark purple in the tube but when it goes on it's really sheer and shimmery. I never thought I'd love a purplish pink color with my skin tone but I totally do so thanks EO for showing me this :o) haha.. Here's the picture of it off of their website:

See what I mean? I would have thought it'd have been way too crazy dark. Not at all, very pretty and totally a new staple of mine. Plus it smells delicious :o) Almost like a mix of bubblegum and butterscotch.

If you guys want to check out any of EO's products, you can find everything on their website :o) I hope you guys will check them out because they're a great company and they're also very afforable. No crazy prices to be found. And you know I'm a fan of that! ;o) Big big thanks to Exposed Organics... you guys are fantastic! xoxo


Also, thanks to everyone who entered to win workout cd's on my last post! I chose random winners and ended up with the following 5:

  1. Lisa Kate 
  2. Carine 
  3. Melanie 
  4. Holly 
  5. and Jen 
I'll be in touch with you guys soon :o) Congrats!
Stay preeetttyyyyy!