Strawberry Kiwi Shadow Look

So I got some new shadows today at ULTA and I have been itchin to use some of these Jesse's Girl pigments I got awhile back - so I figured I'd do a little look for you guys :o) Since I was off today and boyfriend is at school, I had to look fresh to sit in my bed and watch season 3 of the Office in it's entirity. Busy day you guys, busy busy day.

Jesse's Girl Angelic Eye Dust (light pink in center/highlight/tear duct)
Jesse's Girl Pink Glitz Eye Dust (dark pink in inner corner)
Urban Decay Graffiti Eyeshadow (lighter green on outer corner)
NYX's Lime Green Eyeshadow (dark green on outer corner/crease)
e.l.f Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Ash (top lid eyeliner)
Jesse's Girl Kohl Eyeliner in Mint Condition (lower lash line/waterline)
Covergirl's Lash Blast Mascara (were you expecting something else??) :oP

Personally, I think dark pink colors wash my eyes out, so I stay away from doing it on the outer edges. Is it just me or do other people feel that way? I tried to do a hot pink eye once and I felt like I looked like I had a severe case of pink eye. I do, however, like light pinks for highlights and on the lid - just not in the crease or the outer corners. I got one of those trio NYX palettes at ULTA today and meh - I'm not super impressed. I have trouble getting NYX shadows to stick, but their colors always look so great on the shelf that I continue to buy them like the shelf appeal whore that I am. I gave two of them to my mom because they seriously frustrated the hell out of me. Maybe my eyelids are NYX-aphobic.. who knows. I was planning on just using the NYX greens, but I couldnt get them to stick so I used my urban decay shadow as a base and that made them adhere a little better. Grrr.. Shouldn't have to do that!!

If you guys haven't picked up a sample of "Off with Those Heads" from my last entry - make sure you click here to get the information & pick one up. They told me they'll give up to 100 out, so take advantage. If you guys would like to pick up any of the shadows I used in this look - click here for the Jesse's Girl Website and here for ULTA where I got everything else. And apparently NYX won't let ULTA sell them online - so here's a link to their site. Making things difficult, I see.......