Wedding Weekend!

WHEW! What a freakin' weekend.. Seriously, I'm sitting here both sore & exhausted thanks to it. Well, mostly just thanks to yesterday - but I have to say it was a fantastic first weekend of fall.

Jim & I spent Friday night with a case of pumpkin beer called Sarnac's. We were reading some reviews online since there's all sorts of Pumpkin beers out there & this one was all "just throw some whipped cream on top .. it tastes just like liquid pumpkin pie!" and "the blast of pumpkin flavor will blow you away!"... Well I don't know if it's because I'm no beer connoseiur, but I seriously couldn't taste a lick of pumpkin in the shit. Granted, it was the cheapest one but we figured all the RAVE REVIEWS it got would make it worth the $25 bucks.. Looks like I'll have 20 bottles of that sitting around until next Halloween..

Yesterday we went to a wedding & we had such a great time. We had a group of friends there which made it even better, and we did not stop dancing the entire night, I swear. They even played PARTY IN THE USA which caused us all (even the boys.. seriously, i don't know ANYONE who dislikes that song) to run onto the dance floor. Jim's brother Nick put on quite a performance to Bille Jean, too (the DJ conveniently have a Michael Jackson mask, too.. go figure). Here's some of my favorite pictures from the night:

me & jim waiting for nick to get ready to leave for the ceremony

haha this picture describes the 3 of ours' relationship so well 
(Nick- Jim's brother, Me, & Jim)

getting Jim to stop singing is quite a task...

crappiest MJ mask ever, but as you can tell I was laughing
HYSTERICALLY the entire time!

I told you guys... he was into it!

Me & Marlee.. I freakin' love her!

All of us :o) such a good time!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends, too!
Time to rest up & get back to work tomorrow.. BOO!