Three Things Thursday

Immediately after coming up with the idea for this post, I had to stop and think if today was actually Thursday. Luckily - it is. Carry on, Kell, carry on....

Today seriously feels like it's at a stand still... I'm just patiently waiting for 7 to roll around so I can go home, get in bed (hopefully make it past my mom who has made it a routine to offer me every single food item in our kitchen the second I walk in the door), and watch the Office. Living at home at 22 in order to save money to pay off student loans leads to good ol' mom resorting back to her ways of when you were 11. Gotta love it.

Anyways, since I came up with this perfectly alliterated title, I'm going to fill you in on 3 things.. one thing that I'm looking forward to loving, one thing that I'm newly loving, and one thing that I've loved for awhile. Lots of love in this post people... as long as no raspberry girls are reading.

Looking forward to Loving - I ordered a necklace from The Vintage Pearl last week & I cannot wait to get it in the mail. I'll be exploiting mine & boyfriend's names around my neck on a regular basis now. Also, you get to choose two birthstones to lay over the name circles, so I obviously got June for mine & December for Jim's. Since they didn't have pearl (which is strange, judging by their site's name lol) for June, I got the replacement stone that is also used for a June birthstone. It's pink & Jim's is blue so I think it'll make a happy pairing. I got the same font that's pictured here, but you do have a choice of a couple different fonts. CUTE CUTE CUTE. $38.

Newly Loving - Now, I am not one to pick up new television series like they're nothing. I'm not good at following shows and I'm pretty loyal to The Office & Lost and really, that's it. After catching the end of Dancing with the Stars last night with Mom, we saw some promos for ABC's new comedy, Modern Family, which was airing directly after. Figured I'd leave it on & see what it was all about since the promos looked pretty funny. Let me say that this has ABOSOLUTELY been added to the viewing agenda. It's hilarious & the "hip dad" (pictured with the center family) is one of my new favorite television characters. Wednesdays @ 9pm EST on ABC or watch the series premiere on ABC's website: here (do it. for real.)

Have been Loving - I have been meaning to post about my hero on here for awhile, but I keep forgetting and this is the perfect opportunity. This, my friends, is doglover199709 of YouTube fame. I am not even kidding you that when I'm having a bad day, I watch this video. Sometimes, I watch it in the morning to get me pumped. A virtual pep talk, if you will. My friend Erin & myself know the moves and let me say that this is even better when you're drunk. Watch the video in it's entirity here and tell me - WHAT IS SHE LOOKING AT 2:27? Seriously people, it's one of the mysteries that haunts me daily. DAILY. And if you like it, check out this beyond perfect spoof. Hilarity. Literal hilarity.

Well there we have it, folks. Three things Thursday. If you love any of these (I KNOW I am not the only doglover fan out there... come clean people), please leave me a comment & let me know. I also wanted to let you guys know that I got an e-mail from a fantastic makeup company today that want to send me out some products to review/tutorial for you guys so look forward to that coming up. Hope you all are having a good week!