My Battles with Eye Makeup Remover & Finally One I LOVE.

I have had a battle with makeup removers. As much as I love E.L.F.'s brand - their eye makeup remover pads burn the shit out of my eyeballs. Does anybody else have this issue? I thought if I used them a few times, I'd build up some type of immunity (I know, I know...) - but after digging the palms of my hands into my eyesockets in pain for the tenth time, I think I've officially sworn them off. Here's a picture of the little shits incase you're not sure which ones I mean:


After becoming obsessed with E.L.F. and ordering everything they've ever manufactured, I also got their makeup remover towlettes from their Studio Line. Now, although they do not specifically say "for EYE MAKEUP", I figured I'd try them out on that area of the face and once again - man down with the burning. Also, they leave like a greasy film all over my face so I don't think I'm going to be using them much since sometimes I just like to remove my makeup, put on some moisturizer, and go to bed. I'm not always down (or awake enough) to go splash water all over my face and crap. These are the grease towels:

Unless you're into sleepy with greasy sheen, I don't recommend..

Continuing on in my search, I was in Walgreens & I saw Wet and Wild was advertising a "NEW" eye makeup remover & although I'm not the hugest Wet & Wild fan due to their craptastic quality, I figured I would pick some up seeing as to how it was like $2. The only things I've gotten from W&W that I've used more than once have been eyeliner & nail polish - but I think I might use this on occasion now, as well.  It smells really weird - and I know the smell from somewhere but I CANNOT think of what it is & it's driving me slowly insane. You have to squeeze it onto a tissue or something to use - but it doesn't burn at all which is fantastic. I was totally expecting it to feel like I was smearing acid all over my eyelids judging by it's color & it's manufacturer, but I was surprised. Here's what it looks like:

Way to go, Wet & Wild.. just when I counted you out...

Well finally, I had to end up with one EVENTUALLY that I was into... right? Thanks to Avon, I'm not burning my eyes with E.L.F.'s remover pads any longer. I love this stuff. It's eye makeup remover lotion and it's completely unscented. I love that fact about it because I don't feel like I'm rubbing chemicals into my eyes, even if it doesn't burn. Also, it feels freakin' good to rub the crap out of my eyes after not being able to touch them all day in order to not mess up the makeup. You end up looking like a raccoon when you're done - but it wipes off really easily with a tissue or towel. It gets everything off, even mascara and from now on - it's my swear by makeup remover. I think it's like $4 on avon's website - so if you're looking for a new alternative - PICK IT UP! Seriously people, you'll love this stuff:

Ever tried it?

Let me know ;o)