E.L.F. Studio Products Review

Well I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to pair up with E.L.F. so I can tell you guys who truly amazing their brand is. For those of you who are unfamiliar, E.L.F.(stands for eyes, lips, face) is an affordable cosmetics company who has everything from body butter to lip primer. Like I said, everything is very inexpensive and many products are available for $1! Their mineral make-up foundation is only FIVE DOLLARS just to give you a comparison. You don't come by prices like that too often. Amazing.. So here's the look i created today with some of the great products from their "studio line" that they sent me:

1. These are the primary products I used..
- Mineral Eyeshadow in "Angelic" $3
- Shimmer Palette in "Sheer Sunrise" $3
- Eyebrow kit in "Light" $3
- Warm Bronzer in "Warm" $3
- Eye Primer & Liner Sealer in "Natural/Clear" $3
- Concealer (not pictured.. whoops) in "Glow/Fair" $3
(how can you beat $3 each????)

2. Here's the brow box & the bronzer, as well as the concealer/highlighter I left out of the first picture (oops!). The brow box is great, the darker side is the gel you use to fill in your brows and the lighter is the powder you use to seal it. The colors are really natural and the product applies very easily. The brush it came with is a helpful tool, as well. Packaging is sleek & compact.
The bronzer is also great. You can see the hint of shimmer right away and the four different shades combine to create a rosy/warm color. Great for any time of year. The concealer is in the shade of  "Glow/Fair" and is a great color for those whose skin isn't totally light, but kind of a happy medium between that & fair.
3. The shimmer palette & eyeshadows are both fantastic.. The shimmer palette is composed of 4 sheer creams in different hues that you can use either under or over your shadow to create a little bit of color or illumination. They make great highlighters, too and the consistency is very easy to work with.
The eyeshadow is a mineral shadow so it goes on wonderfully. The color of this is so great because it's such a pretty shimmer, but also makes a great highlighter since it has a pearly white color. Any colors that are versatile like this are great additions to your collection!
4. Swatched the shimmer palette.. you can see the variation in the shades.
Okay Here We Go!
5. So there's me with just foundation on. I always use CG's TRUblend.. Shade #2
6. Phew, much better.. Just applied E.L.F.'s Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter. The consistency of it is pretty liquidy, so it makes it easy to pat in and blend. I think it does a great job of covering and I always apply the highlighter to my brow bone. Sometimes I use it as a shadow base, but I was using other primer today so I just put on on the brow bone.
7. This is after I applied the primer which I pictured in the first photo. The primer is in stick form (think concealer stick) and I run it across my lid and then pat it in. It creates a nice smooth base to work with.
8. I applied the brow kit products and used the white shade in the shimmer palette as a base for my mineral eyeshadow. My brows definitely look a lot neater and the color matched my brows really well! You can see here how it adds a subtle shimmer to my lids, and you could definitely wear it alone if you wanted to have a simple, light eyed look.
9. I then applied the mineral shadow over top and as you can see, I now have more of a silvery color. In the corner of my lids, I applied the pink shade of the shimmer palette as a little highlight since I have a pink shirt on. Definitely works great as a brightener.. that palette is so versatile.. I love it!
10. Then I applied some white liner to my water line. I used E.L.F.'s eye brightener pencil.
11. For the pink liner on the bottom, I used the opposite end of the Primer stick which has a "liner sealer" which means you can dip it in any color shadow and it instantly becomes an eyeliner! TRULY a great piece to have! I used a color off of my "Manly" 120 palette.
12. Put on some simple black E.L.F. pencil liner and followed up with my coveted Lash Blash Mascara to finish my eyes off. I'm wearing pink & grey so this color combo worked out great!
13. Finished look! I brushed on some of the "warm" bronzer and then gave my cheeks a pinch of color with the E.L.F. blush I already had in  "Flushed".. It's a pretty mauve-y coral-y color (haha). I love this look! It's pretty and subtle and works for work, too :o) Hope you guys enjoyed it!

If you want to pick up any of these amazing E.L.F. products, head over to their website www.eyeslipsface.com .. Check their main page for fun discounts and deals! They always have stuff going on, they truly are "afforable luxury" and a great way to jumpstart your makeup collection.

and YES - that  is the hair holder backer vel-cro thing! Like I said, it's my new favorite thing!
Let me know what you guys think!