The Long Awaited Master Set Review

Okay so I have received quite a few emails and some comments asking me to do the review of the MASTER SET by E.L.F. which I received yesterday. I have to say, this was definitely one of the best investments I've made thus far in my collection, and I'm not going to need to restock for quite some time! There are tons of pictures in this post, and I'll try to be as detailed as possible without boring you! The only things I don't have pics of (camera died!) are the tinted moisturizer, the eyelash curler, the shine eraser sheets, the travel mirror, the 2 travel cases (both are REALLY nice and very spacious.. both are black, as well) and the applicators.. Enjoy!! Let me know what you all think.. :

1. The first things I unpacked were the "super glossy lip shines". I like them because they're "super glossy" and they also have SPF 15 in them. They're not too sticky, either - which I usually expect from glosses in squeezy tubes.

2. These are the concealers they sent me. The colors are a little strange (there wasn't one for "fair skin" really..) but I am going to use the lightest shade - the consistency is a little runny so it takes a lot of blending, but it does the trick for sure.

3. These are the liquid eyeliners. I am scared of liquid liner - but now I have an excuse to give it a try. I gave the strange colors like the bronze and the blue to my mom, but I kept the black & the slate gray color. The slate gray looks beautiful and I hope I can pull it off.

4. I love these! They are eyeliner "markers" as opposed to pencils.. they kind of have a bit of a see-thru look, so if you don't want your liner to look super heavy, these are amazing. I have them in a bunch of colors now, too - which is awesome! Perfect for winged out edges, too.. take a look at the marker-like tips:

^ Eye Marker tips .. definitely cool. Hope they don't run out quickly, though..

5. These I have used in the past so I was excited about getting more of them. The double edged glosses are "plumping lip glaze" and what's FABULOUS about them is you don't feel like your lips are going to fall off from the plumping formula - but they don't smell like gross chemicals either! The glaze part is nice to have, as well.. I use it with other lip colors, too for an extra pop of shine. The lip balms at the top are just conditioning lip balms.. they sent me a few different scents and they have a little tint to them.. good for neutral lips.

6. These are the "hypershine glosses".. and they aren't kidding when they say HYPERSHINE. super duper shiny but also kind of sticky.. Don't know if I'd use them everyday but they smell pretty good, so they'll probably come out to play every so often. I like the plumping lip glazes better, though.

7. These are so cute.. they're basically E.L.F.'s "create your own compact collection (they did send me a compact but I forgot a picture.. sorry!) .. I was amazed at how many colors they sent me and I am constantly going to be switching shades in and out to keep in my purse. When you take them out of the packet, they're in little plastic snap cases so that's nice, too.. The green ones are shadows - pinks are cheeks - and the purples are lip colors.

^ and this is when my dog decided she wanted to help me open things.. she was kicked out immediately after this picture was taken :P

7. These are the lipliners.. I never use lipliner so I gave most of these to mama. I can't believe they all came with sharpeners, though! Definitely won't have to search for one of those ever again haha!

8. Lots of eyeliner pencils, too .. I like these - they're not too dark when you put them on and they're easy to control (some eyeliners are almost like crayons.. can't stand that). Plus more sharpeners! Yes pleaassseee!

9. All of the brushes and other tools they sent me. There's a cuticle pen in there that I'm excited to use but the brushes are all super super soft.. And I love that they sent a lash brush, too.. I like to have one to unclump lashes if I need to.. They definitely stocked me up in the tools department. The handles are pretty pearly white, too :)

10. These are the mascaras/brow gels.. I like them because one side is water proof and one side isn't (i feel like waterproof mascara isnt always totally necessary). The clear one is obviously the brow gel, but the other side is clear mascara which could be useful. I'm going to test it out - if you have suggestions let me know.

11. These are the pressed powders, bronzers, and liquid blushes/bronzers.. I really love all of these - their pressed powders are really light and don't wash me out which is hard to find in a pressed powder. The bronzers have glitter in them (not too much, but they give you a nice glow) .. the liquid blushers are really pretty, too:

^ Liquid blush.. gives a really nice shimmery effect :) pretty. lots of colors, too.

12. Now I am usually sketch about creme eyeshadows but these are really subtle and are going to work GREAT as base colors or highlighters. Sometimes creme shadows are just globby and streaky and not good .. These are really nice and light and they come in a ton of colors.

^ creme eyeshadows .. love them.

13. I love blush sticks in general but these ones are absolutely perfect. Not only do they SMELL PRETTY, but they come in nice, neutral colors that work for everyday & evening looks. Once again, you get a nice sparkle with them, too.

14. These are the pressed powder blushes.. I gave some of these to mom since some of the colors are too dark for me - but they're nice if you want a cheek that isn't quite as sparkly. I did keep the lighter colors since I'm fair skinned - so once I try them out I'll let you know.

15. These are the 'eye brightening colors' and I was surprised by the variety I was sent! In all of them there are 4 colors that are totally blendable and many of them have a variety of mattes, shimmers, and satins. I like having color schemes already put together for me - so these are the perfect solution.

^ this one was my favorite .. gonna use it for smokey eyes.

16. Look at all these polishes! Plus they sent me toe separators, a nail block, and some nail polish remover pads. I cannot wait to try out some of these colors.. and I got everything from white to black (& everything in between!).. Can't wait to try these out.
^ and look how cute the packaging is! This was my favorite shade.. but I think the "drippy" decorations on the bottle are so cute!!

This collection came in the biggest box ever! I was so excited when I saw it.. All together I paid about $130 for this thanks to the discount code I found (thanks, E.L.F.! you guys are great).. I am very happy with this set overall and can't wait to start using it everyday! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll answer you ASAP! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend & the review! If you like what you see -