Bathing Suit Bug

Well the bathing suit bug bit me andddd I went ahead & purchased. First year I'm going through & doing this online, so I better not be pissed when it gets here and my ass is hanging out. Here's what I decided on with a little help from boyf:

Just ignore her giant jugs and replace them with 36 A's.. you'll have a better understanding then of what this will look like on me.

If you're looking for some new swimwear, ladies - check out Victoria's Secret. I have never gotten a bathing suit from them (hence why I'm nervous of the cheek-age that could possibly ensue) because I associated them with being grossly overpriced. But guess what? I got this little number for $25.. and that includes shipping! Um.. hell yeah.

Don't think this won't stop me from buying the one at Target that I like, too, though.
And I'll probably go to the pool like 5-6 times all summer.
I'm an idiot.