Senna Gets Springy With It

I'll tell you what - Senna treats me like a freaking princess. I am extremely grateful to have a relationship with them & I will forever sing their praises. Not only do they make extremely high-quality makeup that I am always impressed with, they are an all-around good company.

About a week ago, they sent me over a few of their new shades for Spring. I usually change up my makeup routine fairly dramatically when the weather gets warmer & these seem to fit in pretty well with what I do with my face in the Spring. I tend to stay away from super dark colors and I definitely play around with brighter colors a little bit more. I don't know - something just feels wrong about celebrating Easter with black smokey eyes and an obscene amount of bronzer.

So here's what I will be gushing about in this post:

Pressed Powder Blush in Tres Jolie - $18.50
Velvet Eyeliner in Black Violet - $18.00

First of all, Senna's packaging is really awesome, as always. Second - I want to add in that the eyeliner has a smudge tip on the opposite end which I forgot to take a picture of.

Anyhow, the blush is nice on my skin tone. I am pretty pale, but I have a little hint of olive in my skin. The website describes the color as a "clear glowing pink" which is pretty accurate. It has just a tiny little hint of shimmer to it, but I definitely wouldn't classify it as sparkly. This is a huge plus in my book because I don't enjoy looking like I dunked my head in a vat of pearlescent glitter.

Looks pretty natural, just a little color which is all you really need.
Oh yeah - I cut all my hair off, too..

Next, this freaking eyeliner applies like butter, I'm not even kidding. I get really annoyed whenever I get a new eyeliner and I have to shove it into my eyelid with the strength of Jesus in order for it to spit any type of color out onto my skin. Fresh out of the package - this eyeliner goes on smooth and really pigmented. 

I have issues with purple liner and shadows because if they're not dark enough, they can make me look like I'm sick. This shade is called "black violet" and even though I was skeptical, I found that it's just dark enough and doesn't have that "pinkish" color to it whenever its smudged out. I like to take colored eyeliners and apply them thick, then smudge them out around my eyes. I usually don't pair it with shadow, just a little bit of black liner and some black mascara. It's kind of a happy medium between smokey eyes and light makeup. With a pop of color - it's a really cute and easy look:

Senna also makes this really easy since they include the smudge tip right on the other side of the liner tube. Really quick and easy, and it's a nice medium between too heavy and too light. Perfect if you feel like a full-on smokey eye looks too harsh on you.

And if you have blue eyes like me - purple makes your eyes pop.. a lot :)

So if you'd like to try either of these products, you can find them both on Senna's website at I want to take the time to send a big THANK YOU their way for making me one of their trusted blogging partners, as well. They're a great company, and I hope you will all give them a try if you haven't already! Hope you all had a great Easter, as well!