Born Pretty Review - Nail Art Brushes

As you may have picked up from the last post, I have been somewhat into nail art lately. I do my nails at least once a week & at some point in time - this happened:

.. don't judge me.

But I have been really into the "skinny brushes" lately & aside from a few I picked up at 5 below - I didn't have many color options. Then, I got a really sweet offer from a website called "Born Pretty" that sells a lot of different beauty supplies, but focuses mainly on nail art. They're a china wholesale site, but you don't have to order 16 of anything to get a good deal. The prices are really affordable and I was impressed at the quality of the polishes I received from them. So just because it's China wholesale - don't assume you're getting crappy products :)

Also, everything ships for free and within 24 hours. Which is really rare for a site like this.

So anyways, I chose to review the 9 piece acrylic UV gel nail art kit. That's a really long name. In short - they're skinny brush polishes that are glittery and actually have some color to them. The whole 'having a background color" and not just being clear polish with glitter in it was a big plus for me. You don't need to coat them 30 times & they're not clumpy like a lot of other glitter polishes either.

If you order 1 set (you get all 9 colors) - it runs $8.07.. But it's wholesale, so if you get more than one, the price goes down. This site would be great for Christmas presents, so keep that in mind.

Anyways - I pulled this off with them:

It reminds me of Fruit Stripes gum :) But that was one coat.. didn't have to go over any of the stripes a second time. Very clutch.

If you're into doing your nails pretty, it's definitely a site to check out. Aside from polishes - there are a ton of nail art decorations (stickers, slices, nail dangles, etc...) so you can really put together some cute designs with the stuff they have available. If you were thinking about ordering, they were nice enough to send me a 5% code from unnecessary drama readers :) So enjoy! Take advantage.

The website is: