Honeycat Cosmetics Review

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a review package in the mail from Honeycat Cosmetics a few weeks ago. I had never heard of them before, or tried any of their products - so I went into the entire thing blind. I was, however, extremely thrilled to discover that they taped the package they sent me with pink zebra packing tape, the tissue paper inside was leopard print, and the packing peanuts were pink.

If there is one way to perfectly package something for me - Terry from Honeycat freaking nailed it.

Anyways, they sent me quite a few things which was so awesome and sweet of them. When brands go above and beyond for bloggers, that really says something about them (in my opinion, at least):

Unfortunately, the "Amenity Kit-ty" (which is the set in the top left corner) is not available for purchase, but the rest are. They include:
- Chick of the Sea Bath Salts $10.00
- Whisker Slickers "I'm in Heat" $6.00
- Vanilla Butter Cream Grooming Bar $6.00

Everything is packaged in such a cute way. I love her little cat mascot that finds her way onto all of the packaging, too. I really want to comment on both the "I'm in Heat" lip balm and the "Vanilla Butter Cream" grooming bar, because those are the two items that really stood out to me from everything I was sent.

The lip balm is a "warming cinnamon" formula, so I was really skeptical at first because I absolutely hate the feeling that lip plumpers give you. I was really surprised (in a good way) that the sensation this stuff gives you is really mild and not annoying or distracting at all. It doesn't have a color or tint to it, so it's really just a nice lip balm you can wear under gloss or lipstick to make sure your lips don't get dried out. It's not greasy at all, and it tastes really good, too! For $6 - this is a really nice product.

This Vanilla Butter Cream grooming bar has quickly become one of my favorite bath & body products, as well. I don't typically use bar soap - but this stuff is worth making an exception for. It smells really fantastic - it has mainly a vanilla scent, but you can pick up hints of almond (which is one of my favorite scents ever), too. 

Honeycat has a whole website full of really cute stuff that I encourage all of you to check out. Everything I received (especially the body lotion & shower gel) smelled absolutely amazing & was packaged so adorably. If you're into the whole vampire thing, too - they have some vamp themed products that are really cute (Blood Sudz shower gel comes in a mini coffin!). Honeycat isn't a brand that I see often in the beauty blogging community, and that needs to change because they're such a fun company! To view their full collection on the website, click here.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Here's to a speedy work week ahead :)