When Practicality Wins

I've been blogging long enough for people to know that I am not the kind of person that feels it necessary to spend a lot of money on things. I am not a girl that requires designer things, I don't like being fancy, and I am about as practical as it comes.

My mom recently won a couple gift certificates to a really expensive jewelry place here in Pittsburgh called Casa D'Oro. I have literally never bought anything from an actual jewelry store in my entire 25 years on the planet earth. I'm fucking content with my $6.50 bracelet from Forever 21 every day:

looks fine to me.

But alas, I went to this extremely overpriced junction of sparkle with my mom. I had a certificate for $100 to spend, and of course you could only use it on one thing, so I looked around for like an hour and a half. I don't know - even though the thing I picked would technically be "free" - I could not justify any of it. $100 for a freaking ring that looked like it came out of a gumball machine (to me, at least) just seemed so ridiculous and it was making my stomach hurt. My mom kept suggesting, "well why don't you get these earrings?" and yeah, they weren't ugly, but I can't justify having literally a hundred dollars sitting in a drawer in my room. I know I wasn't PAYING that, but that's essentially what it would have been. I didn't like them that much, I would completely just be getting them to get them. I'd probably forget about them in a few weeks. That didn't seem fair.

After walking around forever, I decided that I wanted one of those Pandora bracelets, because I could see myself actually wearing it and I like the fact that you can really customize them to fit your personality. They aren't insanely overpriced and they are more my speed. Unfortunately, the starter band was $65 and I could tell my mom was disappointed that the rest of the certificate would be wasted. I could tell this because she was literally spending the entire time we were walking around attempting to talk me out of it lol.

After the lady who worked there and my mom were reaching the ends of their ropes with me, I finally just ended up with this $110 ring:

I was honestly just super uncomfortable. This girl and my mom were both clearly annoyed with me and I just wanted to get out of there. I did exactly what I said I didn't want to do and just got something to get it.

Got home, and immediately regretting not just eating the $40 and getting what I actually wanted. I can't justify owning this. I don't like it. It's not my style. It deserves a good home, it really does. It deserves to be appreciated for all it's worth - but I had it on for about 15 minutes before I just couldn't pretend I liked it anymore. It's pretty, it's sparkly, and it's a lovely ring - but it's just not for me :( I'm in a really bad mood over free jewelry... sad, isn't it? 

So if you want to buy this ring, it's currently on eBay for $10 less than it retails for and free shipping. If you like it or know someone that would (mother's day is coming up) - please oblige me and either place a bid or buy it now. I'm sort of sick to my stomach knowing that $100 is sitting in a box on my coffee table right now being unappreciated and unworn.

It's technically a size 7, but my fingers are honestly closer to a 5-6... so it runs a little small. I was wearing it on my pointer finger for the 15 minutes I had it on..lol. It's brown smoky quartz with 14k gold and sterling silver. Please give it a good home so I can stop hating myself.

To go to the eBay auction - please click here
It only runs for 3 days.