Babor Nail Makeup

I recently had the opportunity to try out a few products from Babor's "nail makeup" line. Prior to checking them out on Beauty Press, I had never even heard of the brand before, so I totally went into this one blind. The company was nice enough to send me out a few polishes, as well as a cuticle remover, nail treatment oil, & their "all in one" polish.

From L to R: Nail Treatment Oil ($13), Ultra Performance Nail Color in Aubergine ($13), Cuticle Remover ($13), All in One Polish ($13), and Ultra Performance Nail Color in Fuchsia ($13)

I found the cuticle remover thing pretty interesting because typically - I just hack at them with one of those orange sticks & then attempt to smooth out the remnants in order to make my nail beds look like they haven't been chewed by a wild animal. This really simplifies that process quite nicely.. lol. You just brush it on (it's a little bit thicker than a nail polish... more of a gel) to your cuticles and let it set for about 5 minutes. Then, you can use the provided orange stick to push them back smoothly and easily and it doesn't leave that awful flaky look behind.

The all in one polish is pretty multi-purpose and you can use it as a top coat, a base coat, or just wear alone for shiny nails. It's enhanced with stuff that's good for your nails, too - so it's working magic, as well. I used it as a base coat & then a top coat. It does have a yellowish tint to it, but it doesn't show up like that on your nails. I find it SUPER ANNOYING when top coats discolor your polish - but this didn't do that.

As for the colors - I applied two coats of the purple one (aka Aubergine) and it covered really well. You definitely need more than one coat (in my opinion), but it's fast drying so you don't have to wait an hour and a half in between coats.

A big bonus for me was that none of Babor's nail products contain methylbenzene or formaldehyde. I recently found out that a lot of nail polish brands use formaldehyde in their nail hardeners/strengtheners - so any of them that definitely DO NOT contain that ingredient get bonus points in my book. I prefer my cosmetics without embalming agents.

If you'd like to check out Babor's nail makeup line or any of their other products (they also manufacture cosmetics, skin care products, & more) - you can check out their website here.

Thanks again to Babor for their generosity & allowing me to work with them! It was an absolutely pleasure :) Have a great week, everyone!