Dinosaur Egg Nails with Zoya & Essie

Hi friends :)

I started a new job today, and my nails were looking pretty shabby - so I figured it was time to upgrade. I got both of these polishes in Birchboxes (February & March).

I love how this glitter has two different sizes to it. It reminds me of dinosaur eggs :)

The bottom color is by Zoya and it's called Megan. Zoya polishes run $8 each & I am a really big fan of this color of spring. It's listed on the website as being in the gray family - but I honestly think it looks lilac to me. There is a definite purple tone going on.

The glitter is by Essie and it's called Set in Stones. This polish also runs $8 and even though it's a just topcoat - I absolutely love it. Unlike a lot of glitter top coats that don't distribute evenly and end up looking weird and clumpy on your nails - Set in Stones applied perfectly on my first try. I am really skeptical with these "various glitter sizes" type polishes, but this did not disappoint in the least. If you're tired of dabbing the brush angrily on your nails trying to get the bigger glitter specks in the right place, quit driving yourself nuts and invest in this polish. Plus - silver looks great over just about any color.

If you'd like to purchase either polish - just click the name links above :) Those will take you directly to the corresponding websites.