All of the Problems I Had with Befine Today

Aside from the fact that I got freaking laundry detergent in my Birchbox this month - I was pretty happy with what came this time around. I got a nice little tinted lipbalm, a sample of Taylor Swift's perfume which I already know smells like a heavenly angel, some makeup removing wipes, & a box of "Befine" skincare samplers.

I chose to talk about Befine, though, because

a) it was the most interesting thing in the box this month and,
b) it kind of annoyed me

I've never even heard of this brand before, so there was no prior knowledge or opinion of them before today. Their whole gimmick is that they offer "FOOD SKINCARE", which is slightly gross to me - but I don't like to form opinions before I give something the benefit of the doubt. Actually, to be precise, the box says "Fine Food Skin Care". So it's not just any food... it's FINE food.

In the box, they gave me an exfoliant and a daily moisturizer. Both came in those thick, foil packets & they look this this:

So I used the exfoliant first, and since I hate washing anything off of my face in front of the sink because the water drips down my arms and all over the floor, I decided to take it into the shower with me. I feel this is fairly normal, especially for an exfoliant.

Well the packages SUCK to open. They have a little "notch" where you're supposed to rip them, but after countless attempts (with wet hands, mind you... & this would happen whether you were using this shit in the shower or not), I had to resort to using my teeth. This is how I discovered that the exfoliant actually kind of tastes good. Once I got somewhat of an opening going, I started trying to squeeze some of the product towards the top & let me just add that packaging like this for a single use size of exfoliant is a terrible, terrible idea. Not only do alot of the "grains" get stuck to the side, it's a freaking texturized ball of goop and it isn't easy to just shimmy it up the sides with your fingers from the outside. I had to resort to ripping an even bigger hole into the package with my teeth & shoving my hand inside to get a decent amount of product. I get that it's a sample, but when a sample annoys me enough to write a blog post about it - chances are I'm not opting for full size.

Once I did get the chance to smear the stuff on my face, it was nothing special. The grains were pretty big & it's definitely not a "mild" exfoliant - it was pretty serious business.. However, in terms of feeling extra moisture from it or anything like that - I didn't get that. Honestly, my face didn't feel any different than it does whenever I just rinse it off in the shower with nothing. For an exfoliant that costs $25 for full size, I was was expecting SOMETHING extra.

Then I had a super great experience with the moisturizer. 

I read the freaking package on the exfoliant and it CLEARLY STATES to "follow with the daily moisturizer to seal and protect skin". Keep in mind that this is 9:30pm. I usually moisturize before bed, so I was replacing this with what I normally do when I get out of the shower. I noticed that this did have sunscreen in it, but the moisturizer I normally use does, as well, and it doesn't make a difference to me. I still use it at night with no issues.

Once I got past the deathgrip of the packaging, I squeezed some of the moisturizer into my hand and I was surprised at how light it felt initially. Then I put it on my face.



Smells like I should be laying in the sand in Punta Cana.


Anything that says DAILY MOISTURIZER - I am going to assume it is light and practical enough to use every single day, regardless of when you choose to moisturize your face. If you are a skincare brand and you are going to make a daily moisturizer that is thick and smells like sunscreen, you need to put a disclaimer that it isn't for nighttime use.

And even if I was using this DAILY MOISTURIZER before work or the gym in the morning - I don't want my freaking face to feel greasy and I sure as hell don't want to STINK like sunscreen. I mean - I have a stuffy nose and I can STILL smell the stuff. It's something I would maybe opt for if I were spending the day at Cedar Point. Or the wave pool. Or perhaps a family picnic where I would be playing volleyball in the sun for 3 hours.

Not. Every. Day.

I'm going to go wash my face again now.