Current Obsession: Blazers!

I do these obsession posts from time to time and since I've recently been pretty into blazers - I figured I would share. I'm not here to write a long-winded post telling you how to wear them and all that shit because I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but blazers definitely aren't just for work anymore. These two I'm going to show you, however, are pretty awesome because they're not made of that stiff "dress clothes" fabric. They're jersey knit and extremely comfortable.

Wear them with skinny jeans. You will look hot.

The pink one is from Charlotte Russe ($38.50) and the white one is from Wet Seal ($29.00).. You can't really tell in the picture, but the Charlotte Russe one is long sleeved & the Wet Seal one is three quarter-length.

I just got both of these within the past few weeks, so I'm sure if you checked out either of those stores they would have them in stock! Wet Seal had the white blazer in a few different colors, as well.

(say hi to Julia.. that's the one with the cute nails all the time!)